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10/24/12 9:31 P

Thank you for the information. I definitely will check out the sites. How many out there use the cookbook. I need to be diligent in planning my menus so that I can stay away from fast foods.

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10/24/12 9:01 A

I joined five years ago and stayed even though my family criticize me all the time for not getting to my goal and wasting my time doing "Sparks". But, I started at 214# and I've never been back there in the past five years. Don't quit. Most everyone who joins Sparks gives up and quits but don't be one of them. You won't get any younger.

I am reading "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and have listened to his lectures on YouTube. He talks about METABOLIC SYNDROME/Insulin Resistance which most of us over 40 have. Also, watch the series on YouTube with Robert Lustig M.D. "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" and listen to his lecture "SUGAR: the bitter truth." We have to educate ourselves.

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10/23/12 8:27 P

We are all here to support one another. You can do it. You may want to buy the book to help.
I have it and it has helped me to look at myself. emoticon teamwork works emoticon

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10/23/12 7:02 P

Yes I said it. For the first time I am acknowledging that I am OBESE. This is my second time on SPARKPEOPLE trying to shed the 56 lbs. The first time I fizzled within 2 weeks. The thing that makes this time different is that I found myself in the hospital the beginning of this month with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy. I now have a heart disease that my have been avoided if I lost the weight the first time. I am a 5' 3", 187 (lost 3 lbs this week), female. The muscles of surrounding my heart can't take the weight.

If the viewers of this message board will allow me the opportunity to share my experiences during this journey, I may be more successful this round. I am trying to do this alone as I am a private person. Also, those that surround me say they support me but they aid and abet. I pray that this coummunty will allow me to be honest in expressing what I am feeling as I go through this journey. This is a life or death situation with me now so I must make this life change.

So fellow bloggers, help me through this. I welcome you feedback and support.

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