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3/1/12 1:10 P

There's tall and thin-framed, and tall and big-framed. Being tall doesn't automatically mean you're a large frame. It's entirely plausible that you are a small-framed tall person.

But your daily calorie needs will have more to do with how tall you are than your frame anyway. i don't think I've ever seen anywhere a multiplier to consider based on whether you're a small, medium or large framed person. It's just not something usually considered.

So I really wouldn't worry about it - it's not that relevant.

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3/1/12 1:03 P

Just keep eating healthy and incorperate weight training into the maths.. Many times people don't have to keep lossing weight but firm up what we have and burn off body fat which doesn't always mean super light on the scales...

Go by how you feel inside your skin- less by the scales.. The body if we eat healthy often plateaus out to a "thats as good as it gets situation.. Trying to loss weigh then means undereating..

Strong, fit with a great resting metabolism has been my goal- even if 47 years of age.. Make your body the best it can be- there is no one right answer..
3 women the same weight size.. But their shape can be different from woman to woman..
weight range can also see short people up against taller..

They are all beautiful in my eyes..

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I've been trying to figure out my frame size so I can get a better idea of what my weight loss goals should be. So far I'm just confused.

I'm a tall girl, about 5'11", with broad shoulders and hips so I always assumed I was a large frame. However, I did the test where you wrap your index and thumb around your wrist and they overlap, which apparently means I'm a small frame.

What? I do have thin wrists but I seriously doubt that I have a small frame. Is there a more accurate way to determine these things?

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