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DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
5/16/12 6:38 P

I work at a desk job/receptionist and am sometimes bored with nothing to do.
I drink lots of water. Sometimes I chew gum.
I don't order food in while many others do. I limit myself to ordering only 1 thing a week, if I order at all. You can avoid ordering food by limiting the money you carry on you.
Every night I make a sandwich or whatever I plan to eat the next day. And I fill a bag with everything I will/plan to eat in the morning. I usually bring a sandwich for lunch, some yogurt, fruit, and a small portion size bag of nuts for a snack. I might not eat all of that, or I might, depending on how busy I am or how hungry. Maybe one day I will have so much to do I get to only eat my sandwich and nuts. Maybe another day I am hungry and find time to eat my other snacks.
Oh...and I can binge on apples!!! So I just limit my food by limiting what I carry to the office.

KMBOYER Posts: 20
5/15/12 7:02 P

I also work a desk job with minimal breaks and I find having water near helps. I know water can get boring so I also drink tea or put lemon in the water. I also keep low calorie snacks with me like baby carrots, celery, low-fat popcorn, etc. I try to eat right before I go to work so I am full and/or not hungry for most of the shift. Hopefully some of this helps. Just know that you can do this!!!!

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
5/15/12 11:54 A

I have a desk job and I find keeping my big bottle of water next to me helps eliminate the bad snacking. Just the habit of going for the water bottle keeps my hands busy and before I know it I've had my 8 cups for the day. If I'm really needing something to munch I'll have an apple or some raisins...something it takes some time to eat and is healthy.

JOBANNI150 Posts: 41
5/15/12 9:40 A

Thank you fo your advice. Work is strictly data entry with only bathroom breaks :(

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5/15/12 9:35 A


If you find the work kinda boring, do your best to try to keep occupied even if that means cleaning up around your desk or the area. Keeping your mind and your fingers busy will keep you from thinking about food.

And well, if you do want to eat, try to eat some fruit. The natural sweetness of the fruit should help curb any sugar cravings you're having. Also, the fiber in the fruit will help keep you full. I have yet to meet a person who could binge eat apples. So, if you're hungry, keep some fresh fruit near by for a quick snack.

Mostly, you do need to try to keep yourself busy. The busier you are, the less likely you are to think about food. Of course, if work is that quiet, you could do one of Coach Nicole's desk workouts at your desk too.

I take it there's nothing that needs to be filed ? copied ? sorted ?


JOBANNI150 Posts: 41
5/15/12 9:23 A

How do you distract yourself from wanting to constantly eat while working a desk job? I love to eat and I get worried about going hungry while at work. It doesn't help that work is kinda boring.

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