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4/4/13 9:41 A

Only eating fruit all day, isn't healthy. Your body needs protein and healthy fats, and all the nutrients other foods give you that fruit can't. That's why Spark stresses a healthy, balanced diet and we have not only a calorie range, but ranges for carbs, fat, and protein.

As a pp mentioned, it seems like every holiday has food of some sort associated with it, and a lot of it is candy. If you can't face throwing all of it away-- I don't see anything wrong with telling the kids, pick 5 things and the rest goes. And then dole out the candy over the next week and be done with it. Lesson for next time-- limit the candy that comes into the house. They really don't need it, even though we all know kids love candy. Perhaps some non-candy treats for the Easter baskets would be better.

I understand how it is, to share a house with someone who isn't as interested in eating healthy as I am. There is space in my kitchen where all the "junk" goes-- used to be the top shelf in one of the cabinets, and now it's a rectangular basket on top of the fridge. It's deep enough that I can't even see what's in the basket, and I'm tall. I'm not as tempted if I don't see it. Meanwhile, the healthy stuff is out where I DO see it-- I've got a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, and a basket of little baggies that have single-servings of trail mix, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc in them. It's on the counter.

Have you made a list of goals? Not just, lose 20 (or whatever number) pounds, or using words like "stop" or "quit" or "no". Positive type things you want to work toward. Run a 5K, or swim 10 laps or lower your LDL or blood sugar number (if those are a problem). Or be a good example for your kids. One of my goals when I started, was to avoid some of the health issues overweight people tend to experience as they age. Because I'm no spring chicken here. That's a goal I'll never be "done" with-- I need to continue to make healthy choices and exercise.

You can lose weight for a cruise, but once the cruise is over.... well, now what are you working toward? Once you have your goals in mind, then you can work on the steps that will help you achieve those goals. Like changing the foods you choose to eat, and getting more exercise.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
4/4/13 7:12 A

Yes, but I didn't eat fruit all day...I only made it until 2 pm ;)

4/3/13 10:44 P

I just looked at your nutrition tracker and don't see your "all fruit day." Am I looking in the right place?

4/3/13 10:42 P

You didn't lose all that weight with the cruise in mind did you?

It's very difficult to maintain a loss, if you lost it with a particular event in mind (like a wedding, graduation, reunion, etc).

Focus on making lifelong changes...not just losing weight. "Diets" never ever work. You have to see your time here at Spark as being time spent reshaping your life.

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4/3/13 9:52 P

First thing, give away or throw away the easter candy. Secondly, don't just eat fruit. Your body needs a variety of healthy foods. If you can afford it, go shopping for foods that are healthy, and healthy snacks that you know you'll enjoy if you are craving an unhealthy food. Remember this is a lifestyle change. No matter what, each holiday is surrounded with the inundation of different foods associated with it. Just try to adopt different food connections to the celebrations over time for each holiday. Since the family is involved in what foods they desire to have in the house, try to limit their treat foods and ask for more support from them and your husband. Tell them they all need to be healthier, not just you.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
4/3/13 9:20 P

I realize that there are tons of tempting Easter candy treats around my house and the holidays just passed, buti am very derailed! I lost a lot of weight just before I went on a cruise about a month ago, but lost it since I came back and I'm getting really upset. Why is it so hard to stick to something? I can't get myself to get on a scale, I'm just too frustrated, but I would bet I'm up 8 lbs, which is what I spent 2 months trying to lose! Now I'm back to square one and am not motivated at all. And today I tried to do an all fruit diet, by 2 pm I was so hungry my vision was blurry and when I got home I ate too many chips and jellybeans. I know tomorrow is a new day, but I just feel so desperate over all my failed attempts and my need to drastically change something! Tips on not binging on chips or bad for me foods would be nice....I don't have any self control and my husbands only answer is to "try harder"....... I wish this was easier!

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