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8/24/11 7:08 P

My new favorite thing to make is veggie pizza...

I make the dough
2 1/2 c whole wheat flour
1tsp salt
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
1 tb oil
1c water

then i put all kinds of yummy goodness on it..
bell peppers, spinach, homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms, eggplant slices, artichoke hearts, cheddar goat cheese, onion
bake at 400 for 20 minutes
serve with goat crumbles..

its so easy and takes so little time. its sooooooo much better for you than anything you can order from pizza hut or whatever.. and the eggplant gives it that meaty taste..

also, ive learned that casseroles are super easy and quick to make. just throw a bunch of food in a pan and bake it.. maybe topping with a tiny bit of cheese or bread crumbs.
good luck!

8/22/11 10:25 P

I love to marinade chicken in lemon juice and Greek seasoning (for at least an hour, but I often do it over night). Bake or saute, so good!

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8/19/11 4:23 P

I was going to go with the spark people meal plans in the beginning but they were all so . . .weird. Not the type of food I eat. Not enough fruits and vegetables for my taste either.

I basically taught myself how to cook from Cooking Light magazine. They get a bit repetitive after a while (I'm talking years), but I can usually find at least 10 decent recipes in any given magazine (and I'm picky). They have a lot of recipes on their web page too.

Thanks for the hungrygirl recommendation, I'll have to check that out too!

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8/18/11 11:14 A

Thanks for the tip! I've also been relearning to cook more healthy and I'm on a quest to find new and more nutritious recipes. I went to hungrygirl and I had to bookmark it so I can spend some time there later.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/18/11 2:25 A

Try this :

Place a large lettuce leaf on a plate. Place a piece of smoked turkey breast in the middle, smear with cottage cheese, roll up and enjoy!

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
8/16/11 3:42 P

hungry girl is good. also cooking light recipes.

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8/14/11 11:12 P

Thanks Im going to go google hungry girl!

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8/14/11 11:11 P

Thanks for the tips! I see your doing so well with your weight loss!

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8/13/11 3:03 P

I know what you mean xanadu, when I first started on SP I saw the menu plans and was bored by them so I went on a quest to find healthy delicious low-fat recipes that served one. Mostly I've been getting my recipes out of Hungry Girl cookbook and website. Sometimes I mix in a lean cuisine if I don't feel like cooking or am in a hurry. Now I use the SP nutrition tracker to track my calories but I enter in my own meals. So far I have been extremely happy with the food, for example this morning I made a healthy version of a McGriddle sandwich that has only 210 calories using real center cut bacon. It was delicious and I paired it with a smoothie made from almond milk and frozen mixed berries. Due to the fact that I am able to eat delicious foods at home, I am able to go out and not be as tempted to eat unhealthy outside food. I don't think this would be an expensive option for you if you tried one new recipe a week. Good Luck.

XANADUREALM Posts: 7,431
8/13/11 11:30 A

The menus are just guidelines. Some people may love them and others, like you might not like them.

I like to take chicken breasts or legs quarters, sprinkle with herb and spices, then bake skin side down for 30 minutes at 350, then flip over skin side up and bake another 30 minutes. One day I have the chicken with veggies or another day I dice the chicken add spices/herbs and 1 Tablespoon of ranch dressing, mayo or salad dressing. Then top with lettuce and salad garnishes.

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8/13/11 9:56 A

Im trying to stick to the diet but its very hard since there recipes are either expensive or gross. lol Usually I eat a piece of whole grain toast, 2 hard boiled eggs, lettuce with tuna on it and raw veggies. These are the only foods I eat basically..... So I need some other easy to make, not crazy expensive and decent tasting food. Please help :)

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