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4/11/11 2:07 P

Thank you for letting me know that, i had no idea, but i will def do that. Ty again :)

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4/11/11 2:06 P

Consider the idea of challenging yourself with intervals. It has been shown that you can accomplish more in 20 min of HIT than 40 min casual cardio.

After warm-up, push your personal limit for say 1 min. than drop that in half for 2-4 min. Repeat cycle for 20 min. then cool down.

My understanding is that it will create more "after burn" where your body will continue to burn more calories after the exercising. ...and that's a good thing!

4/11/11 11:55 A

Went to the gym this a.m did the bike for about 15 minutes burnt 80 calories did the tred mill for about 20 minutes, did some Triceps exercises and ab exercises, felt pretty good ate a good breakfast (healthy). Going to go bk to the Gym again tomorrow for another good workout!

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