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4/23/12 11:16 A

Thank You so much for posting this! It is just what I needed to read.

EASTTEXASRD SparkPoints: (0)
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4/9/12 6:53 P

I like the idea of spending time in nature.

COLORRED2 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/9/12 12:45 P

Wow - I love all the ideas here! Just thought I'd add to the list - in the time that I've worked with Focus on the Family, I know that they have been very enthusiastic about the idea of date nights. I'd encourage everyone to take a look at the series of articles on their website - . These conversation starters are fun too - emoticon

4/7/12 3:49 P

Couple's massage, salsa dancing, dinner theater, purchase a sexy couple's board game, an overnight couple's package at a nearby resort, picnic, bed and breakfast, boat ride (dinner, lunch, or breakfast cruise), have your husband pick you up for dinner or whatever to start a real date instead of leaving together from home, meet each other at a lounge for drinks, have dinner in one place and dessert at another....

JESSYMICHELLE SparkPoints: (3,290)
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4/3/12 9:38 A

You could try looking online for activities in your city or one nearby. What would people who travel to your area do? Do you live near any tourist attractions, like monuments, museums, or theme parks? Or near the water perhaps? You could do any number of water sports. Or pick up lessons of some sort, like dance or pottery? Even if you're no good, it could still be good for a laugh. You could always volunteer together. Keep an eye out for flyers around your town announcing some event or festival coming up. Or any major/minor league sports, live theatres, or concert venues.

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LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
2/21/12 1:31 P

My hubby and I try to take advantage of events going on in and around our city. We have gone to all kinds of shows (theatre, boat, house cottage etc). We have gone to wine tastings (then to supper to try out one of our favs.) Sometimes we just sit in our fav. cafe and talk. Summer is filled with so many more activities but we try hard to find fun stuff in the winter too.

TINABINA5 Posts: 71
2/16/12 1:56 P

We usually see a movie or go out to eat. I am hoping I can get some of our date nights to be more active though. I would love love love to take a dance class with my husband just to have fun with one another and move more!


JKITTKAT68 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/15/12 2:38 P

My favorite "date night", especially when we are on a budget, is picking something to grill at home like chicken ka bobs, both helping to marinate and prepare, and then having a glass of wine outside while the food is cooking. When it is ready, we sit on pillows on the floor at the coffee table, and have a nice spring mix salad, and a wonderful dinner together. We will usually eat less because we are talking and enjoying every bite! I love those cozy evenings at home. :)

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2/15/12 2:11 P

we LOVE movies. WE go every chance we can get! Perfect date night

DASAGIRL64 SparkPoints: (15)
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2/15/12 12:36 P

How about just a drive up the coast and a walk on the beach with a picnic lunch for two. Or going to a museum of something the two of you like. (old cars, airplanes, art, history…etc.)

We also like to hike up trails and bring lunch in a back pack. (In a park or forest near your home…)

COOLEYFAM Posts: 174
2/15/12 10:44 A

We usually just do the movie dinner or grocery shopping nights. Sometimes we invite friends over to play games. Any more ideas would be great!

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