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8/9/12 2:20 P

I don't do chins as part of my routine but I have a pull up bar attached to the ceiling at the bottom of my cellar stairs and my rule is that every time I go down there (my man cave is there so I go there a lot) I do as many chins up as I can (or pull ups for a change).

Dips get rotated in there but only when I know I'm going to a gym.

This is a skull crusher:

This particular routine is my new 8 week routine. I'll take a week off and then alter it. Actually, I alter exercises listed every other week but not the "core" routines like bench, deadlift, squats and press I include those all the time.

I do leg extensions and in the past I did screw up my knees so I go a bit lighter these days. I have never heard that leg curls are bad for the knees, huh, learned something new today.

8/9/12 2:14 P

@Armsport: I remember you suggested doing the BORs before deadlifts (about a year ago). I have done it that way, just didn't list it that way this time.

ARMSPORTS Posts: 1,310
8/9/12 1:47 P

How you do bentover rows after deadlifts is beyond me KJ. My erectors would be screaming in protest! I like it but where are the dips and chins bro??

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
8/9/12 9:46 A

I am still developing my program, so it is not set yet. I had some questions about your's.

1. What is a skullcrusher?

2. How long have you been using this routine?

3. I notice that you do leg curls and leg extensions. I thought I had read (on this site maybe) that those style exercises were bad for the knees. Have you experienced any pain from them?

Thanks for any advice you could give!

8/8/12 8:53 P

This is my current workout; moderate to heavy lifts. Goal is muscle mass. One minute rest between sets except for where ** is marked meaning 2 min rest.

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps
Bench Press 5 sets x 8 reps**
Inclined Flyes 5 sets x 10 reps
Inclined Bench 5 sets x 10 reps
Skullcrushers 5 sets x 8 reps
Lying Tricep Ext. 5 sets x 10 reps

Day 2 – Abs & Cardio

Day 3 – Back & Biceps
Deadlift 5 sets x 8 reps**
Bent-Over Rows 5 sets x 10 reps
Shrugs 5 sets x 10 reps
EZ Bar Curls 5 sets x 8 reps
Alternate Curls 5 sets x 10 reps

Day 4 – Abs & Cardio

Day 5 - Shoulders
Press 5 sets x 8 reps**
Lateral Dumbbell Raise 5 sets x 10 reps
Front Raises 5 sets x 10 reps
Inclined Reverse Flyes 5 sets x 10 reps
Upright DB Rows 5 sets x 10 reps

Day 6 – Legs
Squats 5 sets x 8 reps **
Leg Curls 5 sets x 10 reps
Leg Extentions 5 sets x 10 reps
Calf Raises 5 sets x 10 reps

Day 7 – Abs & Cardio
Cardio* = High Intensity Interval Training (walk 2 min at a brisk pace then run fast for 1 min. then repeat until 30 min are up)

Comments/questions welcomed.

Please share your workout routine.

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