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8/17/12 12:00 A

That was a good question and an interesting thread. I agree that while people in the U.S. do use grams as well as ounces and weigh food and almost everyone has a set of kitchen scales, for most of us, it would probably be most inconvenient to cook without measuring cups. But I have noticed in a cooking show I watch on public television that are based in England, the ingredients are always weighed in grams and the presenter does say how many cups or spoons would be used and the screen shows a conversion chart.

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8/14/12 10:07 P

Dolphin, all you need to do is enter the conversion you want in google, and it'll do it for you!

For example, say it's 100 grams. Enter "100 grams to ounces" in google, and it'll spit out the conversion for you!

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8/14/12 8:06 A

hi testing

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8/13/12 11:43 P

Does anyone know if there is an advanced coversion yet? Or a way that I can read the recipe in weights and measures instead of grams? The THREE recipes I have clicked on are all in grams. I swear when I was on here yesterday I saw something, but I didn't think about it and now I can't find it. (of course). If anyone knows if there is a way that I can see all the recipes in weights and measures and not metric that would be *awesome blossom*. Thanks :)

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7/20/12 1:04 P

You're welcome emoticon

I can only imagine how frustrating it would be if tomorrow all of our cookbooks "converted!"

I've seen some recipes on SparkRecipes using weights. Maybe we can request that be an "advanced search" feature the next time they upgrade.

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7/20/12 4:09 A

Huge cultural difference, everyone over here has a set of kitchen scales.

Thank you very much for the conversion calculator, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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7/19/12 10:51 P

In the U.S., almost no one other than restaurant/bakery cooks use scales in the kitchen.

Maybe this conversion calculator will help:

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7/18/12 10:24 A

This is a US based website with mostly US users. For us a cup is a standard unit of measure that we have grown up with and can easily visualize. All of the nutrition labels on foods in the US use standard measures that are familiar to us. Whatsmore cup measures are readily available in most stores...even supermarkets.

We measure flour and sugar using cup measures because they are convenient and YES they are accurate enough. Digging out a scale to measure powders seems ridiculous, messy, and unnecessary unless you are making artisan breads.

The goal is to be able to visualize the portion sized and cups fit the bill for that. Frankly, when a portion size is listed in only ounces or grams it is meaningless to most people in the US. I know I've had to find website that allow for approximations to cup measures so that it MEANS something.

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7/18/12 9:44 A


A cup is a standardized measure of volume, commonly used in the US, that is equal to approximately 236 mL. Because it's a measure of volume, there is no way to directly convert it to a measure of weight, like grams or ounces. You can sometimes find listings on the internet of what a cup of a certain item might weigh, but I am not personally aware of a site that provides a large database of these measures. Sorry I can't help with that!

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7/18/12 7:33 A

Seriously, what is that about? Practically every recipe on the site has the ingredients measured in cups. It's insane, who uses a cup instead of a set of scales? How is that even accurate? How do you know that everyone has the same size of cup? How can a cup accurately measure things like flour and sugar? You need to know the amount they weigh! It's the same with the food tracker, I have to enter so many things myself because the only amount provided is a "cup"!

Now that I've got that off my chest, does anyone know where I can find a conversion chart so that I can find out how much a cup of flour is in a sane universe ie one that uses grams. Or even ounces. Ounces might be a bit 1970's but at least they're a quantifiable measure.

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