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7/6/12 11:52 P

I have a few "go-to" treats that I use when I am craving sweets.
1) Hot chocolate - made with 1 cup of coconut milk, 1 tbs cocoa, 2 tsps sugar, 1 tsp stevia.
2) Chai tea - I add 1/4 low fat milk and 2 tsp sugar. In summer, I pour it over ice.
3) Fried banana - spray a pan with cooking spray, cut the banana in half, then cut in half the long way. Cook over medium heat until brown, then turn. It is so sweet by itself, but if I'm feeling really indulgent, I drizzle a little honey over it.

I think part of the trick is to not let yourself feel deprived, so don't wait until you are frantic. When you start to have a craving, ask yourself what you really want. If you really want a sweet snack, then have something planned ahead. Then take a moment to really enjoy it.

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7/6/12 7:19 P


I agree with the previous poster...there is no need to give up every food that we enjoy to live a healthy lifestyle, but with planning and moderation must be practiced so that we can have our cake and eat it, too. For many deprivation leads to cravings which can keep us from reaching our goals.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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7/6/12 7:00 P

While you can stand to eat better, you don't have to completely eliminate 'unclean' foods, so long as you plan for them. Do you think maybe that could be why you eventually give in? I personally haven't eaten clean...ever haha! I can say though I've incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet, and certainly am drinking more water as opposed to sodas and overly sweet juices. The reality is though, I still eat boxed macaroni and cheese and all that other crap, I just make sure and eat only one serving of it.
I certainly still eat deserts too but instead of eating one a day like I used to, I have gone down to about one every other day, or one ever two days. It's not about depriving yourself. It's about balancing.

You can do it!
This isn't all or nothing TRUST ME! I've been on this road for the last 3 years. No, it hasn't been easy, but I've made more progress within the last three years than I ever had before.

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7/6/12 5:58 P

I know what I need to problem is sticking with it!

I know: eat clean, exercise, drink water and get sleep (working on the sleep thing too!). I start out good for a few days then I get intense cravings for junk and give in and usually end up going overboard.

Any tips to help overcome these cravings? I've tried doing something (hobby), walking, exercising, drinking water, etc. during the bouts of cravings but they're always there until I give in!

I know this is my downfall and I would really like to fix it.

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