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6/23/12 4:26 P

I would listen to the doctor and go on Metformin and get your blood sugar stable. After you have all of your weight lost and you're at goal weight, then you could work on getting off the medicine, but with your cravings, you need to get your body in chemical balance.

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6/23/12 3:52 P

The thing about sugar is that sugar begets sugar... the more you eat of it, the more you want! While I'm a strong supporter of moderation, when you eat lots of sweets, you tend to want more of them.

The craving could also be very mental! Are you "dieting" and denying yourself the things you enjoy? I've found that the more I restrict myself, the more I want! So having small amounts of the things I love staves off the craving.

Some people, though, have found that even small enough amounts can trigger them. Here's what I suggest.

When you start wanting this sugar, get a journal, and write down what you're thinking about. Stuff that's going on, that's stressing you. What's your state of mind? Are you upset at the kids? Your husband driving you nuts? Boss being a butthead?

If you can do this, you'll start to see patterns in your cravings, and you start implementing healthier coping mechanisms. Want to sit down and devour a pint of ice cream? Try going for a walk to get some fresh air. Do a workout video. Make something. Do some chores around the house. Find a way to redirect that energy!

You can also look at the rest of your diet to see if you're fueling yourself properly. I have found when I eat too light (not enough protein and fat) that I start craving sweet things... it's my body wanting quick energy! Try eating something heavier, like a handful of almonds, to see if that solves the body's dilemma. If you can retrain your palate to crave healthier, more satisfying high-energy foods, you may find that your tastes change, and the cravings are easier to deal with. I've found that since I've started eating things like cottage cheese, regular cheese, nuts, and raw veggies, I just don't eat stuff like candy and chips... I don't even crave them!

But when I DO indulge, I'm more likely to continue indulging for several days! What you eat tends to inform your cravings!

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6/23/12 3:03 P

It's summer. Eat fruit! Add a bit of unsweetened greek yogurt to fill it out and make it a treat and keep the sugar in an acceptable range. The natural fructose, in combination with fiber and vitamins you won't find in processed cookies and cakes, breaks down slower and will affect your blood sugar somewhat differently than sucrose and glucose which predominate in less healthy snacks. Peaches, berries, figs, and all sorts of things are coming into season now, so it's a great time to train your tastebuds to choose a healthier way to indulge. You'll find you can eat more fruit and stay in your calorie range, and it will help you get other nutrients that are important for your body. Don't waste the precious calories in your daily allowance on junk! This is of crucial importance with diabetes, and I wish you luck with your doctors.

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6/23/12 7:11 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

At the bottom of the article are related topics that might also help.

Coach Jen

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6/23/12 2:19 A

I don't know if it's my medications, my blood sugar fluctuations or what, but I have noticed that I tend to crave sugar, especially during the night/1st thing in the morning.
I can't have any artificial sweeteners--no splenda, no stevia, no equal or nutrasweet, as anything like that tends to give me headaches. So, if I want any type of sweetener, sugar is it.
Is there anything that I can do to curb this? Is there anything healthy that I can eat that could eat that would satisfy my sugar cravings?? I'm trying VERY hard not to give in. (I used to drink "Sweet Tea" with meals & have given that up completely. Fortunately, ice water is satisfying.) But I'm looking back through my food log on here & noticing that I'm eating a lot of the "100 calorie packs" of cookies. I'm still staying within my calorie/carb ranges, but I know this is not good for me. I've even been eating the Belvita crackers/cookies that are whole grain & have a lot of protein in them, but I know there are better things that I can eat.
I'm meeting with a nutritionist in a few weeks to discuss everything. I'm very motivated & am trying to make changes, especially since I've recently been told that I'm diabetic due to the steroids that I was on for a medical issue. Fortunately, I'm now off of the steroids. My doctor thinks that I don't need to take my blood sugar daily, and I have asked him to let me try 3 months of diet & exercise before putting me on Metformin. I may not be able to control my other medical conditions, but I CAN control the diabetes!!!!
I just don't understand this sugar craving that I'm having so frequently. Any suggestions??

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