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This is an awesome accomplishment! Congrats on getting through your day so well! Use that success to help you through any future challenges. You know you can do it!

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emoticon emoticon

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I woke up in a horrible mood because I've been stressed and am suddenly making unhealthy choices after being SO good for 15 months! Ugh. All I wanted to do was sleep in, eat something sweet, and be lazy. Instead, I got up and got moving. Made a healthy, but sweet, breakfast from scratch for everyone. (Spark recipe, lemon blueberry donuts. Yum!) I cleaned my whole house and went for a quick, but very fast-paced(!!!) run. I showered then headed to the store for more fresh veggies. I played Just Dance with my kids (cardio!) and prepped for a healthy dinner tonight (so no matter what happens later, there is zero excuse to order pizza!) I don't know why I woke up feeling defeated, but I fought back. I won this round! Woo'hoo!!!

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