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10/18/12 10:54 P

emoticon on the weight loss.

10/18/12 4:31 P

edited for october 18 update. Down 14 lbs, check it out !

10/11/12 6:41 P

@ Jibbie49 - even in high school when i was 115 or so lbs i was an H cup. As i keep getting smaller, they reduce very little now. ive always been ' overly blessed' as my mom calls it :(

Ive had back problems since i was 15 - and thats part of what started this downward spiral over the last few years.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,499
10/9/12 2:28 P

Peanut, if you get to your goal weight you won't need surgery for a breast reduction. Yes, the ideal weight for a 5'2" Woman is 110#. Denise Austin is 5'4" and 112# and 57 yrs. old. She IS NOT skinny. She's had 2 girls, so she's been pregnant. With diet and exercise she's stayed in shape. Remember, breast tissue is just fat. Some woman have their fat in their chest and some others (like me) carry it in the tush.

RANDALLWM Posts: 118
10/9/12 9:59 A

I've tried yoga, thought it would be easy, was I wrong.

10/8/12 9:14 P

I say Yoga Body becuz i discovered recently how much i loooooove Yoga !! The killer is realizing how much more rewarding and awesome it could feel as i get into better shape emoticon

Its a hobby that can grow with me i think !

I read another person doing a couch to 5k journal and that sounded real good. I am large breasted so imma try Couch to 5k via Elliptical !! So imma research the best week to week plan to acheive this emoticon

My long term goal weight : I'd like to beat even what i was at when i was 17 and in weightlifting. I may have been 117 lbs of lean muscle back then, but honestly I know i did not give it my all. when u r 17 u think ur body will always stay that way and other things were more important. lol. how silly huh? After a doc appointment and a trainer assessment : they both agree my goal weight should be as low as 108 lbs. That was staggering since I just weight in at 183 lbs at age 27 emoticon
In case you think 108 is way too small. I am a pretty short person with a very small bone frame. In fact, when I reach 140 lbs I have the option for a breast reduction ( covered by my health insurance and everything). Thats how big they are in comparison to my frame hahah. im 5'2 with a HH cup !

Cardio has NEVER been my thing. I absolutely hate running. maybe itll be better after my redux, but no pain no gain, right? emoticon

So here's to a 1 year journey to attain that Yoga Body emoticon


down 14 lbs as of the weigh in today ! ^_^ My little sister was an amazing accidental motivator today when i told her on the phone, and she was all like " dammit !" cuz we are both working out on our own for one year and have a photo shoot. shes alway sbeen the 'skinny' one at 130 or so and 5'7" lol and ive always been the ' teenage looking one ' even tho im the older sister hahha . She's going down ! Thanks SparkPeople

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