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3/1/12 12:14 P

I tried the link, but it took me to a log in site. What is behind the door?

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3/1/12 12:03 P

Jadomb, I feel you on the zumba thing. You'll appreciate this:

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3/1/12 11:49 A

Thanks, I'm doing fine with my new modified plan. I do feel like I am slighting my walking and jogging a bit since I cut back to 3 days of 2 miles. But next week, I'm going to up it to 3 days of 3 miles or up my jogging to walking ratio. WOOHOO I am doing right now with the 1/4 mile walk, 1/4 jog for 2 miles. If any of the experts here have any recommendations on which way I should go, HIT ME. As far as my "dancing" and "zumba" I am having fun with it but it will be a long time before I go pubic with it. LOL I look like a chicken having a seizure.

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3/1/12 9:14 A

I hope you're doing great in your training and that XTraining is working for you!

I'm new to running, I've NEVER done it in my life and I'm using the C25K besides that I do "other" exercises the other days, since I want to walk/run my first 5K the end of this month, I started to walk the other days I don't run, besides keeping on doing the other stuff too...

I have never been patient and the only thing I hate it's that I'm not as fast as I would like to be...

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2/29/12 8:59 P

I've already switched up my program and am now just jogging 3 days per week and throwing some kinex zumba or other stuff in on tues and thurs. From my first attempt at getting my groove on, I think this stuff is much needed for me also. LOL I just hope no neighbor kids see me do it, they might be damaged for life. ;-)

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2/29/12 9:16 A

Thanks guys, I was driving my daughter to school this am, and began thinking of signing us up for the first 5k run I have done since a half marrothon in 2000, I went from doing a 5k in 22min. to now I would maybe make it in 45min.
Upside is I have been jog/walk/stair workouts/and now p90x cardio that im on my 3rd day, doing cardio only stuff with my outdoor jog/walk for the first few weeks, then I'll add weight training in.. So any how I need'd to see this structured couch to 5k program to give my outdoor training more structure.

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2/29/12 6:50 A

I was worried something had slipped through. emoticon

Even someone with pretty good fitness from other forms of exercise is still a beginner when it comes to running. The limiting factor is the time it takes for your legs to adapt to the impact of running, and it's smart to take things progressively.


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2/27/12 10:16 A

"Each session should take about 20 or 30 minutes, three times a week. That just happens to be the same amount of moderate exercise recommended by numerous studies for optimum fitness. This program will get you fit. (Runners who do more than this amount are doing it for more than fitness, and before long you might find yourself doing the same as well)."

This is from the couch to 5k schedule. The last sentence is where they make a comment about doing it more than 3 times per week. But yes, most everything I've read says no more than 3 times per week for beginners and intermediates. And even though I'm not in the worst of shape, it has been a long time since I trained, so I am a beginner. So I'll back off and use something to fill in the other two days. Thanks

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2/27/12 6:35 A

As far as I can see, all of Spark's 5K training plans advocate 3 days per week of running. Do you have a link for where you can see it says every day?

The biggest challenge of learning to run is not so much your cardio fitness, but the time it takes for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the stresses and impact of running.

Most experts recommend running no more than 3 times per week when starting out.

It is fine to do cardio on your non-running days, so long as it is low to moderate impact - this gives your legs the chance to recover and adapt to the impact. Zumba would qualify in this category. Low impact cardio can still be intense (ie. get your heart rate high) - it just doesn't have the jarring of higher impact cardio. Basically - if you are keeping one foot on the ground, it is probably low to moderate impact.


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2/26/12 10:29 P

Thanks, I may just back it off a bit. I just bought a Kinex setup so I might just see what I can do with that on tue and thur. I noticed this running plan and the others all seem to be similar to what I've been doing so I guess I stumbled into doing it right, other than maybe doing it without enough time to rest. I also just bought me some new Saucony Triumph 9 and my wife got a pair of Saucony Hurricane 14. We were tested and fitted at Roadrunner sports and found these to be very comfy and very well fitted to our feet. I also found my son's old Garmin forerunner 50 and HRM. The batteries are dead but I got others. I don't think this one has the calorie counter though. But I will at least get an idea how they work. Anyway, even though I'm content with my routine, maybe this is a good time to change it up a bit before it does get boring. Thanks again.

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2/26/12 9:35 P

I agree with Nancy, you should not be running more than 3x/week to start.

Here is a plan that has 3 days of running and 2 days of XT:,7120,s6-238

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2/26/12 9:09 P


If you are new to running, I do believe 5 days of week is a little too aggressive. Remember injuries don't just happen overnight, but are more like a little chip in your windshield. If you don' allow for proper recovery between runs, over time that little chip will turn into a giant crack and you may find yourself sidelined for weeks on end waiting for your body to heal.

Remember, your cardio-respiratory adapts so much faster than your muscles, bones and connective tissue. In fact it's been stated that it can take up to a solid year of consistent running, with adequate rest in between, to build the musculo-skeletal system ready to run more frequently.

Remember too that by cross training you are still getting aerobic benefit while using the muscles in a different manner.

I hope this helps! RUN SPARK STRONG!

Coach Nancy

ACORBETT30 Posts: 3
2/26/12 9:05 P

Sounds like you are fine doing 5 days. Keep up the good work!!

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2/26/12 8:55 P

So, after hearing so many folks talk about this program I finally checked it out. Low and behold, it is kinda what I'm doing already. It is just more structured and also is for just 3 days per week. I use walk/jogging for my cardio and I do it m-f (5days per week). I haven't had any real problems other than I was getting some shinsplint issues but they have now subsided since I started interval jogging instead of taking quick breaks. But I am already jogging 2 minutes and walking 4 minutes(approximately) and in the end get 1/2 mile of jogging and 1 1/2 miles of walking. My goal this week is to up that to 1 and 1.

On the page that shows the schedule for the Couch to 5k, it says that it is OK for some to do it 5 days per week without the 1 - 2 days rests. So I am just wondering if my pace is too ambitious and/or if there is a problem with it? My heartrate is fine and I feel fine since I can change from jog to walk whenever I feel it is too much, but I am wondering if I am not giving myself enough time to heal. If I am, then is it OK to replace running with something like zumba? If it's OK, what's the big difference? I'm still jumping up and down and bringing my heartrate up to sweat mode. I just don't want to do something that may be regressive in nature and will actually slow down my progress instead of keep it on pace. Thanks for any info.

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