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6/9/12 11:19 P

Try Wonderful Stuffed Potatoes
They are soooo good!! My husband and daughter love them and have no idea they are good for them and lowfat!!!!

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6/7/12 2:34 A

I only eat it savory. The idea of fruit with kind of salty cottage cheese does nothing for me. I often put it on baked potatoes instead of sour cream or cheese. Less fat and more protein that way. I mash it around sum, add some fresh cracked pepper and eat away.
I have also been known to eat cottage cheese with a little soy sauce, a habit I got from my dad.

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5/30/12 10:00 P

Sowant2lose: My mom used to do a version of the same, only she used cottage cheese, sugar free/fat free pistachio pudding mix, and mixed fruit... I'll have to give yours a try.

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5/28/12 9:53 P

mmm.. the pineapple & jello w/ cottage cheese sounds great! Definitely going to have to try that one!

SOWANT2LOSE Posts: 461
5/27/12 8:21 A

1 container of Cottage Cheese (16 oz)
1 can crushed pineapple 14 oz
1 pkg of sugar free jello ( I love cherry)
Mix all together. Yummy

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5/20/12 1:48 P

I like the idea of adding cottage cheese to sauce to increase the creaminess. I'll have to try it. I actually like cottage cheese alot and have never really thought of it as diet food... I like it plain with cracked pepper on it, and also with fruit with cinnamon on it. My DH will add a bit of slenda with his and add some fruit for dessert. I think I like it savory better, but he enjoys it.

MRSTABER Posts: 927
5/10/12 10:02 A

I love cottage cheese! I love to mix it in spaghetti sauce to give it a rich flavor! I also love it on a baked potato...yummo!

KYLAAMETHYST SparkPoints: (19,176)
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5/4/12 10:08 P

1/2 cup of reduced fat or fat free cottage cheese blended with 2 Tbsp peanut butter and a little stevia/splenda/agave syrup/honey (your preference) is a DELICIOUS fruit dip for apple pieces. I could sit and just eat it with a spoon! All the peanut butter flavor with WAY less fat, calories, sugar! Could also try with cocoa & bananas?? Sounds delish, but haven't tried it yet

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5/4/12 8:46 P

I avoid it due to the fact that is has way too much salt. There are much healthier choices than cottage cheese. I'll stick to yogurt.

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5/4/12 2:41 P

Hi, I love cottage cheese, try switching brands, I found some that are awful! I use either the 1 or 2% cottage cheese, can't handle the fat free kind. If You Totally Hate it, and want it in your diet, try adding some to a fruit smoothie, not as noticeable.

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4/30/12 8:09 A

I Love cottage cheese also. If you go out to dinner and I have a salad I have to have cottage cheese are I want eat the salad. I guess it is like an addiction. I could eat it for every meal.

BELLECAT Posts: 357
4/29/12 8:46 A

I love cottage cheese! It's my quick and easy breakfast. I like to sprinkle it with a generous amount of turmeric, stir it in, and I have "curried cottage cheese". And I like getting the health benefits of the added turmeric. (Google it.)

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
4/25/12 2:48 P

Why are you buying it? Cottage cheese is not that healthy! i just cannot image spending money on something I hate, let alone trying to eat it! There are many other healthy (lots much healthier) out there.

TIAMET2 Posts: 211
10/26/11 6:49 P

I love cottage cheese, I just wish it didn't have so much sodium. I eat it with lettuce and tomato (and other salady vegetables) I also eat it sweetened in pasta with cinnamon. I've even cooked it in the microwave till it melts.

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10/26/11 12:49 P

I only like Breakstone's cottage cheese and I like mine with tomatoes and basil or, of all thinks, Claussen pickles.

(I sound preggo but I swear I am not!) emoticon

10/15/11 12:33 P

This is what I do with cottage cheese......tastes a lot like cheesecake. I eat it a piece for breakfast, or sometimes for dessert. I hope you enjoy it!

Creamy, Dreamy Cottage Cheese Pie

1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 TB lemon juice
3/4 cup crushed pineapple (the kind packed in juice)
1 packet Knox unflavored gelatin
4 packets of Equal
16 oz container of 2% cottage cheese (can use 1% or FF but it will be a little more soft)
Ground cinnamon

Drain pineapple. Reserve juice. Squeeze pineapple so it's dry. In 1/4 cup of reserved juice, sprinkle the Knox gelatin over the top and let it sit a few minutes to soften. In a food processor, mix cottage cheese, egg, vanilla, lemon juice and Equal. When smooth, by hand, stir in the crushed pineapple. Pour into a Pyrex pie plate, sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Bake @ 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
10/12/11 7:45 A

I'm with SRSAMSON, if you truly don't care for a food, you don't have to force yourself to eat it. there are other sources of dairy or protein, whatever the nutrients you are after. find the foods you DO enjoy!

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
10/10/11 12:37 P

Add something to it- berries are great

SYNSATION168 Posts: 100
10/6/11 3:36 A

i dont even like the way it looks!

MOMKAT4310 Posts: 1,024
10/4/11 8:28 P

If it tastes sour to you, get a small container, eat it right away. I think really fresh cottage cheese is naturally sweet. I don;'t care for the slightly sour taste of aging cottage cheese. It is a fresh cheese and does not keep too long.

MOMKAT4310 Posts: 1,024
10/4/11 8:26 P

I make a clean pizza crust, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, top with fresh veggies and cottage cheese
I top whole wheat toast (no butter or spread) with cottage cheese and cinnamon. Heat under broiler or in toaster oven.
I like whole grain macaroni, fresh diced tomatoes, oregano and cottage cheese. About 1/2 c of each with 1 to 2 tsp of dry oregano.
We stir cottage cheese into anything we heat like one pot dinners. I can't find salt free or low sodium cottage cheese any more, so I leave out added salt in those dinners.
Cottage cheese is great with fresh fruit like melon cubes or strawberries.
I love cottage cheese on baked potatoes topped with fine diced onion and broiled (or not) with fresh cracked black pepper.

MIMILOO Posts: 2
10/4/11 12:06 A

I mix a can of no sugar added pie filling to 8 or 12 ounces of cottage cheese. Sometimes, I
add some sugar free cool whip also, but not usually.
I mix some with a can of tuna, drained, sugar free sweet pickle relish.
Put some on a cracker with some red pepper jelly. ( I use jalapeno jelly)
I also use it in mac and cheese along with cooked drained frozen veggies.
also, 1 cup of cottage cheese with 2 packets splenda and 2 teaspoons cocoa powder
with vanilla extract.
It is also good mixed with some dry ranch dressing mix, use milk to adjust thickness. I make it in my bullet blender.
Also with avocado and tomatoes, or just salsa.
But then, I love cottage cheese...

10/3/11 4:42 P

I love cottage cheese with fresh diced tomatoes and black pepper. My daughter's favorite way to eat it is with frozen blueberries and cinnamon.

The strangest way I have eaten it is with banana extract and walnuts mixed in. I am doing low carb so it fit into my eating plan. It wasn't half bad that way actually.

ANJELIA1968 SparkPoints: (13,800)
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9/24/11 9:00 A

Cottage cheese has always been a favorite food at our house. My boys and I all live on it, and my youngest will eat it straight out of the tub and down the whole container if I let him! LOL
I can't imagine "sweet" cottage cheese. For me, the salty savory taste is a must. I'm getting to where I can eat it without adding salt, but that's taking me a long time.
If you like scrambled eggs for breakfast, try adding 1/4 c cottage cheese to them before cooking. It will make your eggs fluffier and you can't really taste the cottage cheese itself. I also use it on baked potatoes and in lasagne as other people have suggested. There are also quite a few recipes using cottage cheese here on the Spark Recipe page -- I saw one that used cottage cheese in place of cream cheese to make cherry cheesecake! I'm going to have to try that one myself!!!
Are you buying large or small curd? That can make a big difference. I can't stomach the large, but as previously stated, the small curd is a MUST in our house!

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
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9/23/11 3:57 P

I LOVE cottage cheese. In fact, it could be a binge food if I let it. I usually eat it with salt and pepper, but sometimes I eat it with a little horseradish mixed in. emoticon

BAD_MONKEY123 Posts: 53
9/19/11 3:07 P

I don't like cottage cheese with sweet much at all. Mine always has salt and pepper (the more pepper the better for me) and I can't eat it just as is.
Two things I do with cottage cheese:
1--Mix it up with basil, garlic, a little lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Throw it all in a blender and mix until smooth. Use as a dip for veggies, or to thicken a sauce.
2--I use it instead of ricotta in lasagne. It's lower in fat and the consistency is WAY better.
Edit--I use Daisy or breakstone brands. The brand makes a big difference.

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KELEKONA Posts: 605
9/19/11 6:12 A

I just though of a new experiment. Try draining the whey so you get something dry and crumbly to spread on sandwiches. I can't remember what the whey is good for, perhaps moisture in baked goods.

9/19/11 12:09 A

I use the Amul Brand of cottage cheese.Its low in fat and becomes soft when boiled :)

9/19/11 12:08 A

the cream and yoghurt are not it can be healthy :)

How i cook cottage cheese is


3-4 chopped onions
3-4 tomatoes
2 green chillies chopped
1-2 tsp oil
1 green capsicum chopped
ginger garlic paste
2 tsp chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp cumin powder
250 gm cottage cheese


Heat the oil in a dish,add the ginger garlic paste and then the chopped chillies...saute it for a minute,then add the onions,capsicum.After a minute add the tomatoes and the powders.Then add 2-3 cups of water and the cheese,Boil it for about 5 minutes.... I eat this with 1-2 whole wheat flatbreads (chapathis-an Indian bread)...its filling compared to brown rice :) along with some veggies. Hope this helped! Best of luck!

PURPLEKATY86 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/11 1:18 A

I like to mix it with green beans and diced tomatoes in place of feta

KELEKONA Posts: 605
9/13/11 5:39 P

I like straight cottage cheese, but I found a recipe that is on my must try list.

I've heard of the best way to eat cottage cheese is to use it as a pancake ingredient. Layered in a casserole or stirred into rice is also good. Basically anything to "cook" it will make it change texture.

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
9/8/11 10:00 A

I don't mean to sound critical, but if cottage cheese makes you gag, WHY BOTHER? DON'T EAT IT! I don't care for cottage cheese either. I found the best solution is to not eat it.

Just becasue it's healthy food doesn't mean that it MUST be in your diet. i would ask why do you feel you need to eat it and determine an alternative that might meet those needs. Why not try an aliternative like Ricotta? Seriously, life is way to short to be choking down food that doesn't taste good.

Edited by: SRSAMSON at: 9/8/2011 (10:03)
9/8/11 3:50 A

I CANNOT force myself to eat cottage cheese. To me it's like eating styrafoam, and I can't stand creeps me OUT!!

MAMAE73 Posts: 30
9/6/11 9:07 A

Sweet recipe - use cottage cheese, no cal sweetner or fresh/frozen blueberries, strawberries, etc., and put in blender until smooth. Delicious! Also I like to put frozen berries in cottage cheese and let them sit for a while before I eat it to give the berries a chance to thaw and that helps sweeten the cottage cheese. Also, you might want to try Ricotta cheese, much smoother consistency and better flavor- use the same as above.

KATIEEE9 Posts: 7
9/5/11 6:14 A

I dont like cottage cheese and mostly used to throw it out after buying it....but now I can finally eat it but still not love it by using Friendship WHIPPED cottage cheese. Its really smooth and thats why I kind of like it. I can eat the whipped one much better because I dont like the lumps in all the others.....Only Friendship has the real smooth whipped one.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
7/20/11 11:31 A

We make a "salad" called dump salad... it's very similar to ambrosia, but I think it's lighter in calories. Let's see if I can remember it:
16 oz container of cottage cheese (go with the low fat)
1 can crushed pineapple - drained (save that juice to add to something else)
1 small can mandarin oranges drained and broken into pieces
1 package jello (go for the sugar free if you need to - any flavor is good but I think it's best with lime or cherry)
1 container of cool whip

put cottage cheese into food processor and pulse until somewhat smooth (not completely because the chunks add nice texture). stir in the fruit and dry jello until well incorporated, fold in the cool whip. refrigerate. you can also add chopped walnuts or pecans for a bit of crunch.

a scoop of this makes for a nice side salad or a delicious lunch!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/19/11 10:15 P

Mix it with a can of crushed pineapple !! Tastes like a yummy sweet dessert.


ROCKINBABE6669 Posts: 27
7/19/11 4:58 P

Well as I was tying that this AM i was eating it with Strawberries. The one i made for lunch I never got to eat (busy busy at work) But I will try some of what you guys (ladies) have told me. Thank you.

JGOODWIN014 Posts: 35
7/19/11 4:13 P

I'm pretty grossed out by sweet cottage cheese mixtures too. I've found my favorite way to use cottage cheese is as a baked potato topping along with salsa. Mmmm

TALLGIRLX3 Posts: 506
7/19/11 8:39 A

Wow! I didn't know cottage cheese was so versatile! I just eat it with peaches or strawberries as a snack!

I have mixed it in a blender with strawberries, milk and some splenda (use sugar if you don't do artificial sweeteners). It kind of masks the cottage cheese but you still get some of the flavor. Maybe that would get you a little more used to eating it?

You sound like me and tomatoes... I want to like them and I love them IN almost anything... but I'm just not a fan of the taste of raw tomato. I always put sliced tomato on sandwiches/burgers and that kind of thing but most often I end up pulling them off before I'm 100% finished. But I keep trying! :)

7/19/11 6:47 A

Have you tried different brands? My favorite is Friendship. I love savory cottage cheese. What else do you add besides tomato? I put tomatoes, cucumber, green and red pepper, green onion, garlic, pepper, and salt. Then I let the flavors come together over night. For sweet cottage cheese I use cottage cheese, instant pudding, whipped cream, coconut, pineapple, nuts, and maraschino cherries. You can also make cottage cheese patties instead of hamburgers. Cottage cheese, onions, ground pecans, eggs, Italian bread crumbs, garlic, salt and pepper. Mix well shape into patties or a loaf. Bake the loaf at 350 for about 45 to 60 minutes. Patties you can bake or fry.

ROCKINBABE6669 Posts: 27
7/19/11 5:03 A

I often find myself buying cottage cheese, eating it with fruit and gagging all the while. Does anyone have any yummy recipes to take away the feeling of eating sour milk? I am using a Cottage Cheese and tomato salad recipe from SP.

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