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TRUETOME60 Posts: 25
6/19/12 3:05 P

I bought boneless skinless chicken breast on sale yesterday..I bought a few packages. Today I baked 2 packages. Just plain/no seasoning. I divided them-half I placed in freezer bags whole, the rest I cubed and placed into the freezer bags..I keep them frozen until ready to thaw, season and use as I wish. Cubed for chicken salads, wraps, cassaroles and stir frys. Whole breasts thawed, seasoned and lightly grilled for flavor, or use as a main dish reciepe.

CLAIRE_LEFT_SP Posts: 2,802
6/19/12 2:52 A

Basic roasted chicken is the best!

SEEWORD SparkPoints: (14,671)
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Posts: 51
6/18/12 12:37 P

I cook them in a steamer with sliced onions and celery tops resting on them. I can fit five or six breasts in the steamer. I rub some with jerk seasoning, other with dill weed. We eat some on the day I cook them, the rest we store in the fridge (I pour the broth in the drip tray over them). We usually eat these cold, in salads or sandwiches. Sometimes we use them in a quick stir fry. I never try to keep them for more than three days.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
6/17/12 5:48 P

Make a big Perdue Oven Stuffer roaster on a Sunday, you can get one around 8 pounds. It cooks perfectly since it has the pop up timer. You will have plenty of chicken for the week.

chicken salad
chicken stir fry
chicken sandwich
chicken quesadilla
etc etc

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
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6/17/12 9:33 A

I like to use the slow cooker for these, I cook them in a little bit of chicken broth. I don't season them until I'm ready to use them in a recipe.

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (80,595)
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6/16/12 10:07 P

I sometimes cook extra chicken and keep it in the fridge to use within a few days. I cook it a few minutes less so it isn't dry when I reheat it in the microwave. If I have too much, I freeze it in a bit of diluted chicken broth.

CHANNDREWS22 Posts: 11
6/12/12 5:04 P

I am new to cooking meals every night, while I do know how to bake chicken breast I was wondering if I have several meals in one week that inlcude it can I cook just one big batch and reheat it as I need it for the week? Also should I store it in the fridge or freezer? and whats the best way to reheat it so that it is most still?

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