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6/11/12 2:13 P

Cool! You're really going to appreciate that new bathroom after building it yourself!!!

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6/11/12 12:39 P

My husband and I started remodeling our master bathroom Memorial Day weekend. With everything we've decided to do, it has been a lot of work! Demo, yard cleans, re-pipe, moving walls, (electrician comes next weekend), drywall, installs, building a specific stool and matching make-up table, etc. So I've been using it to the best of my advantage. I see why construction workers charge so much: doing this in the summer in Florida (while the budget was there) was about 4 months too early in the year! LOL
So I'm burning my calories like crazy and drinking enough water to drown a fish! After replacing the windows with the freshly cleaned/slightly used glass blocks (as soon as the rain stops long enough) and the electrician comes, we can drywall! Then there will be nothing left but install, install, tile, install, install, and flick a switch to use it all! YAY!

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