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7/17/12 8:24 A

Hi Becca,

My dad was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and the dietitian that he went to told him to try and stay away from potatoes unless they were sweet potatoes. She had said that he could have a small potato once in a while but no more than one a week. Potatoes are high on the glycemic indexand since they have a lot of starch they tend to increase blood sugar which isnt a good thing for anyone let along a diabetic. Sweet Potatoes are low on the glycemic index and hence much better for you.

Hope this helps!


7/15/12 1:05 P

Thank you so much. Done.

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7/15/12 11:24 A

Hi Becca,

You may want to post this to our Diet/nutrition message boards which are monitored by our Dietitian and nutrition experts to see if they can give you the answer you need.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

7/15/12 11:06 A

My husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes and the doctor says he needs to stay away from the "white stuff"... white rice, white potatoes, white pasta.... etc etc etc...

So... what constitutes a "white potato"? .. Are there only 2 kinds - Sweet Potato and White Potato??? or are there other "colors" mixed int here that I don't know about...?

I know there are yellow and also purple potatoes... I also know there are red skinned potatoes... Are these all considered "white" too?

Come on... Help a gal out here!! LOL Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for your help!!

Seriously confused about potatoes!!

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