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10/18/12 2:44 P

I'm not a personal trainer or expert of any kind, but I know enough to evaluate each recipe based on my own nutritional requirements. I also know that other people have different nutritional requirements! What's healthy for someone else may not be healthy for me & vice versa.

I try to go by the content of the recipe, not the title. Sometimes not-so-healthy recipes can fit in my diet if I change the portion size or modify some of the ingredients. Or they offer inspiration for a more healthy recipe of my own!

My pet peeve is when I read comments on recipes for suggestions, and everyone's all like "Oh, this recipe is great, but I just added onions, tomato and garlic and it really popped!" I mean, that's cool if you want it, but those are some really strong flavors you're adding and likely to completely change the flavor profile of the recipe!

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10/18/12 2:00 P

Anyone can submit and share a recipe - they do not go through an approval process. However, something to keep in mind is that not everyone is on a low fat, low sodium, low calorie diet, etc. Also, we recommend things in moderation, so if someone has some special dishes that they love, but may be higher in a particular nutrient, they can still find room for it every once in a while.

Coach Denise

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10/18/12 11:27 A

I am increasingly concerned about some of the recipes posted as being healthy having too much sodium,fat,cholesterol and sometimes carbohydrates.I have seen certain recipes with amounts of these exceeding the daily limit or nearly exceeding it.Also sometimes the calories are very high per serving.Are these recipes not checked for their authenticity before printing.I am a nutritionist and personal trainer and know how to interpret the nutritional values but some people are not and see it marked healthy so therefore assume it is.

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