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7/9/12 5:26 P

Oh I hear you on the chocolate craving at that "special" time of month! I agree with ARCHIMEDESII, try getting a good quality chocolate bar instead of like a Hershey's bar. Also, don't try to substitute with something "chocolate flavored" if what you really want is a good piece of chocolate. I used to try having something like the Chocolate Special K cereal, then would move on to a chocolate granola bar, then a glass of chocolate milk then end up eating a whole bar of chocolate! haha don't let that be you!

One of my favorite chocolate brands is Green & Black, their chocolate is divine, and also made with awesome organic ingredients so it's a double win. Whole Foods has a bunch of their flavors and they also come in little sizes so that you can just grab it and go and not worry about over-indulging.

Kudus to sticking with it! emoticon

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7/9/12 2:11 P


You don't have to give up chocolate. What you might try is buying a really good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content. Try Lindt 70% cocoa. All you need to two small squares. The chocolate is that rich and that satisfying as a result. The problem with cheap chocolate is that a person needs to eat more of it to get that same satisfaction. cheap chocolate really is tasteless.

Try that some time. Go buy a good quality bar of chocolate. slowly savor it. You'll see. All you need to two pieces and you're done.

It is okay to have a little chocolate during your period. I do. indulge, but try not to over indulge just because it's your period.

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7/9/12 11:52 A

Thank you, Nancy!

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7/9/12 11:40 A

Hi Kat,

Below is a link to SparkPeople's Registered Dietitian Becky Hand's article on this topic. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

KATADAMS1011 Posts: 7
7/9/12 11:24 A

What do you think is the best (healthiest) comfort food while on your period? It's so hard to resist the chocolate and other sweets that make us feel better when it feels like a thousand knives are stabbing your gut..... any suggestions?

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