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2/20/13 1:34 P

A lot of schools offer free tutoring, or will have weekly problem solving sessions for math classes.

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2/20/13 12:23 P

Hi, Bob !

I'm going to give you a piece of advice another student gave me when I was struggling with classes and it's this,"Get a tutor".

I know many students (and I was one of them) think they must be stupid if they have to go to a tutor for help. That's NOT true. In fact, students who have tutors ARE the smart ones ! A good tutor can give you tips that will help make difficult concepts easier to grasp. In some cases, the tutor may be a better teacher than the instructor. I worked with some terrific tutors who helped turn my failures into Bs and better.

So, don't be afraid to ask for help from a tutor. Most colleges and university offer tutoring services for their students. If you're struggling with calculus now, you're going to have worse problems when you get to differential calc or fourier analysis. that's assuming you pass calc. If you can't pass calc, you won't make it to more advanced classes.

Calculus is the foundation for many upper level courses. You have to do well in calc if you want to be a major in math. Therefore, if you're having problems, get a tutor to help you. Believe me, a good tutor will open your eyes and make things much more clearer.

I also recommend this series of books by REA called Problem Solvers.

These books workout hundreds of different problems line by line. So, look for this book and definitely get in touch with a tutor ASAP.

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2/20/13 9:22 A

I definitely understand the "college is stressful" part. Though I do have to say, I'm a sociology major with a Spanish minor, so while I do have a lot of homework, it's probably not near as much as you might have.
I found that working out in the morning really helps. At the moment, I can work out in the afternoons, but when my schedule didn't allow it, I worked out in the morning before classes, and that way I had some 'me' time, and I got it out of the way for the day.

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2/20/13 3:21 A

Without having been in your situation I can only offer a couple suggestions that may or may not be practicable. Are you able to have any of your stuff on an i-pod or whatever they are called, and go for a walk while you are studying? ..... or use a treadmill at home while doing the same?

Where it comes to any housework, are you able to write down all that you do and cross off what isn't necessary, and reduce the frequency of some others? The same with cooking meals. If you bulk cook and freeze individual meal containers, it will save you time for the studying and may even free up a bit of social time, which is actually essential. That is what will help to invigorate you so that you find it less of a struggle at college.

Don't forget that an important part of being able to apply yourself mentally, is to take care of what you put into your body. Good, balanced nutrition is vital, as is making sure that you eat regularly (don't skip meals) and eat enough calories to sustain you.

Good luck,

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2/19/13 10:21 P

I've been struggling in college taking 17 credits, but here's the problem. I'm taking calc this semester and im struggling a litttle bit atm and im a math major. Got a 31% on my first quiz but because of reasons that were sortof outof my control, he wasnt clear on certain expectations of format in answers, etc. I was struggling with some of the hw and the book isn't helping much. I seem to have no free time during week days and my weekends are busy with hw. I struggle to get time just to work out..But im just trying to focus on math but other course work is kinda blocking the focus which puts more stress...things will clear up soon probably and things arent as bad as it may appear, but im slowly feeling down with all this struggle. Any advice?

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