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5/31/12 9:06 P

"so i figure the big C is tracking me down."

If the big C was tracking me down, I would be at the therapists office first thing in the morning. ..LOL

It wouldn't hurt to talk to a professional. You were considering a coffe enema and a lot of people seem to tick you off---the dietician, doctor, sister-in law's comments etc...

You say "no more comments" but you replied with a question.

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HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/31/12 12:46 P

Good grief..
now I am suppose to see a counsellor for issues bothering me? LOL

O this is getting better all the time... :) LOL

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5/31/12 12:09 P


What I took away from this is that you are a very smart person. You know to ask questions? Have you thought about talking to a consular to help with any issues that are bothering you? Please stop being so hard on yourself, it sounds like there have been enough people in your home life doing it to you already.

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5/31/12 11:56 A

I'm sorry you cannot take the comments graciously, and not personally.

There are those of us who have seen the problems caused by this type of "quack" practitioner. My mother was scammed out of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by this guy giving her a wide range of things to swallow and shoving coffee up her butt via an enema - telling her, "look, there's a cancer cell going down the drain".

One point I will make - if your doctor thinks perhaps you have gluten intolerance, perhaps that's something you need to pursue and find more about. If he's just telling you to cut back on things - that is a different story.

It appears that most advice you've received, whether from your doctor, or from here, you dismiss because you don't like it. Seems like the only advise you're believing is from a celebrity or a questionable herbalist (and I'm not making judgments on the training the person has - just the questionable advise).

Anyway, as you asked for opinions with your first post; it's disrespectful to get annoyed at answers that did not fit your agenda. The responders were mannerly and matter-of-fact - giving you answers, and reasons for them.

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5/31/12 11:09 A

Thank you.

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5/31/12 1:01 A

I don't understand your attitude.

If you didn't want to hear whether this was a good idea or not, why ask? If you aren't capable of dealing with "no, it's harmful" then what did you expect? That you'd receiving nothing but "yeah, go for it!" from every response?

Why should we be "happy now"? It's no business of ours whether you take the advice you've received or not. You seem to think we are almost insisting you can't/shouldn't do it, instead of what is actually the case - just defining it as an unhealthy and potentially risky choice.

If you choose not to the enema, yes I actually am happy for you. You've made a positive healthy choice for your body, what's not to be happy about? :) That's great!

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5/30/12 9:12 P

I get similar results just by drinking coffee in the regular fashion. ha aha ha!

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/30/12 8:56 P

okay fine whatever --
i wont do it - ya happy ??

geezz -- sorry i asked now ---

dr that recommended it in the book the celebrity wrote -- dr is a loon -- i wonder if he knows he is a loon

and i dont know if i should tell my herbalist she is a fraud a loon sellling me snake oil --etc..

guess i wont be seeing her no more ---
and i will just try to find a new dr - who wont tell me my swollen feet and ankles is fat
maybe it really is -- he is a dr you know - they got all the medical knowledge??
u dont argue with a dr
but you are suppose to not be so gullible to a herbalist or a naturopath or any of those off the wall .. new age .. natural mediicine well being people --

THREAD done --

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5/30/12 3:01 P

"jumped down my throat - good grief --- forget it -"

Nobody jumped down your throat.

You asked if this was a good plan, and received a resounding "no" from the community. Nobody said "you are stupid if you do this", nobody said "what are you - dumb?", nobody said "you, HEALTHNUT2009, are an idiot". There are no personal attacks, no derisive comments about you (just the person who recommended this dangerous scam).

When the answer is "no", that doesn't mean the answer is rude. It's just "no".

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,532
5/30/12 3:00 P

The so called "Doctor" that recommended it while being interviewed by Suzanne Sommers is also a loon.

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/30/12 1:44 P

lol herbalist a loon- funny

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,532
5/30/12 12:55 P

I am sorry that you feel people jumped down your throat. It is hard to show emotion in the typed words of a message board.

Please let me give you some information as to why I was so passionate in my response. I once knew a lady that had a medically necessary enema. Unfortunately the person doing the enema was in a hurry (or something) and they perforated her colon. She had to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.


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5/30/12 12:44 P

I honestly don't see how a coffee enema could make you lose weight, unless it makes you sick or something.

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5/30/12 9:13 A

Oh, for crying out loud. Your herbalist is a loon. Quit looking for the quick fixes and eat less and exercise more.

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5/29/12 7:35 P

Actually, I have done coffee enemas before. It just made me poop and gave me stomach cramps.

It didn't have any benefits at all, other than (and forgive the grossness) making it not smell so bad...

In other words if you are having troubble going.. eat raisin bran :)

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HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 5:30 P


i told her - i cant see me doing it ... there has to be something else i can do

she said "nope" -- i have called her to ask her some questions a week ago she has not returned my call -- gee i wonder why? LOL

jumped down my throat - good grief --- forget it -- i wont do anything but
be good
and eat my veggies
and get my sleep
drink my water
do my walking

ya'll happy now ??
Really really sorry i asked.. please no more info -- LOL

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5/29/12 5:22 P

Apologies, I didn't see that you were done with comments here. I think you are misunderstanding the reaction. The reason people jumped down your throat a bit is that we were concerned about your safety. We don't want you getting hurt and we were scared what else your nutritionist might suggest if they suggested this. Don't take it the wrong way.

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5/29/12 5:15 P

Everything that Jen said is true: there is no quick fix but there is a clear answer to weight problems. Do what she says, you will lose weight, you will feel better, etc.

I am in no way telling you what to do. Indeed, if your herbalist was just telling you to do totally harmless or even pleasurable things (like giving you a yummy recipe for lemon balm tea or suggesting you drink cranberry juice if you have a history of UTIs) I wouldn't say a word. This person told you to shoot coffee up your anus, something that is not only objectively absurd but honestly harmful. This is not a person to trust. You moved out of enjoying something harmless to having someone try to influence you into doing something harmful.

Two things: as a teenager I was the sole employee at a locally-owned herb and natural food shop. I got the job because I vaguely knew their delivery guy and I needed something. Most of my day was making smoothies for people (yum), but a certain number of people would come in wanting to buy herbs and supplements to cure whatever their problems were. I flat out refused to ever tell those people that any of the supplements we sold actually worked. If they asked I would say "honestly, I don't know".

About half the people who came in had made-up problems...general hypochondria which their doctor got tired of dealing with. About a quarter of the people who came in had seen a doctor but didn't like what the doctor had to say. Most of them were looking for weight loss pills because they didn't want to go on a diet but had health problems related to their weight. They would always ask me "Do the pills work" and I would tell them, honestly,"most people buy them and never come back for any more". Despite that, people would still buy the pills. Finally, the last group of people were the worst. They were people who seemed to have a real medical problem of some sort but they were coming to **ME** (17 years old, just some teenager working for minimum wage who was good at making smoothies) to diagnose and solve their problems. Those people I just flat turned away and wouldn't talk to, but there are hucksters out there who take advantage of those sorts. They call themselves hebalists and sell people false hope. They make up insanity like homeopathy (probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard of) and make a fortune selling people literally nothing at all. They take people for a ride because people are scared or don't want to face the truth.

Furthermore, since then I have become an anthropologist. I work in central and south america, often quite closely with Indigenous shamans. These dudes do awesome things with herbs and they actually are the real deal. One shaman I know was teaching a small group of American researchers some of his traditional knowledge which eventually made its way into some of the production of one of the HIV vaccines that are being trailed. These guys use medicinal plants for real, significant things. They treat malaria, they deal with infected wounds, and they rock. They also live in reality. As it turns out I am very allergic to one kid of Bolivian grass: it makes my hands swell up and turn bright red and lumpy. When this happened I thought I would ask the local shaman what he thought. His response was "Eww, allergy, you need to go to the hospital in La Paz and get someone to look at you have any Benadryl to take?". He made me some special tea later but that was just to be nice. If you told him your nutritionist suggested a coffee enema he would probably just not believe you.

Okay, now I am blathering on, but this is exactly the kind of thing that makes me truly sad. You are considering something dangerous just because some person without clear medical (or cultural!) qualifications told you about it. Keep taking the herbs if you like them, but find an herbalist who has their head on straight enough not to suggest dangerous things.

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 5:13 P

No more comments required.

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 5:13 P

LOL duh i am doing all that -- lol

thanks mother -- (she passed away last feb ) but i think she is in this website LOL

came down 4 dress sizes since Dec..

dr - he is a jerk -- he told me no bread, no pasta, i said how do i make a sandwich
he said YOU Dont need to eat one! ... jerk
i seen a dietician every 2 weeks from dec to mid march
then i was in a goverment program every saturday for weight management -
tracking food - i mised a couple clases -- big whoope -- food labels and mindless eating - (when i asked my sister in law .. about calories in an apple she said she has no clue how many are in an apple - she was on weight watchers and everthing is on a point system .. sounds kinda lame to me but hey that's her choice LOL ) ..
food labels i know about those - dietician i seen went over them with me --
i didn got last sat class cos the surgeon was in explaining the gastobypass surgery -gross there was no way i wanted to knwo about it - cos that is not an option ... ever....
rather take my chances than go through that --
i had a bit of tiff with the dietician in the class - when she told us we are only allowed 2.5 oz of protein per meal -- there is no recipe in the land that says that not that I have found..
all i wanted was if anyone heard of coffee enemas thats it .. i dont need a lecture on how stupid i am about seeing a herbalist -- gee thanks for the 'head up" though -
my mother died of pancreatic cancer - and i suspect .. the way things are going its likely in the cards for me eventually anyhow --- my brother died of cancer of lungs and prostrate..
my sister older .. surviving skin cancer (we never got along so i wouldnt really miss her anyhow - that is not mean that;s just being honest ) .. my grandma died of bowel cancer.. .2 aunts my dads sister died of stomach cancer and my mothers sister died of lung cancer..
so i figure the big C is tracking me down .LOL
but i will continue to track my food---- continue my walking -- get my rest - toss out all those herbs cuz obviously a quack herbalist told me to take them. soo that was a waste of money -- o well i done dumber things in my life -- this is nothing new ..

but thanks ... :)

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/29/12 4:17 P

I'm not sure what you're so upset about. If you've looked around this site, you will that most people don't believe in or advocate quick fixes or bizarre things like coffee enemas. If your doctor told you to lose weight, that's a good place to start instead of looking for another answer or something you'd rather hear. Sorry, but that's the truth. If you don't like your doctor, definitely start a search for another one. It really isn't that hard.

My advice for losing weight, as someone who has been a o-yo, quick fix dieter for years and has finally found something that works (for her) is to look around this site. Set up your nutrition tracker. Faithfully log every bite that goes into your mouth. Stick to the calorie (and macro) ranges provided by SP. Start small. Try to eat healthy foods, but if you need some junk, fit it into your intake for the day to keep you sane. Don't look for a quick fix or an easy solution. If there really, truly was an easy, fast weight loss solution that kept weight off long term, no one would be overweight.

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 4:07 P

thanks i guess - for the feedback -- sheesh --- guess i am a idiot for seeing a herbalist for 3 years huh? i know like my sister in law says to me on just about any topic i talk to her about

it's your choice .. that just gets my goat -- i am not gonna make any choices .. there that's my choice .. .

dunno why that statement makes me so mad ..

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 3:58 P

It was not suzanne somers that suggested it --

it was a medical dr that she interviewed apparently many people that have had cancer have done it - and seems to help their situation..

just wondered about it - that's all ---

guess I should stop seeing my herbalist? . and here I thought she is helping me --- hmm guess I was wrong again..
my dr looks at my ankle and and feet and says its fat -- loose weight --
that is not why they are swollen -- and I don't know what to do now ---

he is so rude to me -- when i told her a couple years ago - maybe it's my kidneys .. i quoted information from an article i read in oprah magazine --- and he got all mad saying who is this dr oz you are seeing... i had to shake my head -- i said .. dr oz ..from the oprah tv show --

o he says -- I wouldnt believe tv drs... and wouldnt discuss anything further regarding my swollen feet and ankles.. so i don't know who to turn to for advice on why they are this way --
the pedicurist told me 2 weeks ago to ... change drs - -but its nearly impossible to get a new dr now days -- and she said maybe I should go to a gluten free diet -- do you know how much gluten free bread is? like 7 or 8$ a loaf .. geezz ...
seriously i dunno what to do anymore --- hope whatever it is takes me in my sleep i guess --

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5/29/12 3:44 P

I hazard to say that anything your herbalist recommends is something to avoid. Clearly this person is not (a) a traditional shaman who works with medicinal plants as part of your cultural heritage or (b) someone who actually, sincerely, professionally knows the culinary and physical benefits of a (select) number of plants. Someone who suggests a coffee inserting coffee into your anus is a huckster and a fraud. Why are you paying that person?

To quote wikipedia's page on coffee enemas: "Coffee enemas can cause numerous side effects, including infections, severe electrolyte imbalance, colitis, polymicrobial enteric septicemia and heart failure. If the coffee is inserted too quickly or is too hot, it could cause internal burning or rectal perforation. The use of coffee enemas has led to several deaths as a result of severe electrolyte imbalance."

Basically, you are paying some "herbalist" to suggest things that could easily kill you. Ummm?

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/29/12 3:43 P

Anything that proposes to cleanse anything, especially by blowing it out of your backside, has a lot of risks and doesn't actually do anything. Your body isn't a toilet, and it doesn't need to be flushed. It won't do anything, and the risks aren't worth it. They won't do anything to your liver, can't flush "toxins" out, and do nothing but increase your caffeine dependence.

Unless you want to end up in the emergency room?

Avoid your herbalist if they're recommending enemas of any kind! You don't need them, and shouldn't be using them without a medical professional's advice and supervision.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/29/12 3:37 P

It's a crackpot fad and a scam. Your body does NOT need this. It is invasive and silly. Stop seeking health advice from celebrities. Seek advice from nutritionists and dietitians, not actresses.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,532
5/29/12 3:27 P

I am curious, why would you want an enema unless it was a necessary medical procedure. I hear an enema even when necessary is quiet unpleasant.

What is the benefit? Who does this enema? What is their training?

As far as I am concerned Suzanne Somers should stick to playing dimwitted characters like Chrissy Snow. And leave the medical advice to the professionals.

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/29/12 3:25 P

Huh? What the heck is supposed to be the benefit of that? A voluntary, non-medically necessar enema? With coffee? Seriously?

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
5/29/12 2:51 P

Does anyone know anything about these?

If so, please let me know -- are they helpful, dangerous?

I been reading about them in a couple books of Suzanne Somers...

just looking for information - not sure I could do it -- my herbalist suggested I consider it.. hmmm.. not sure ...
any feedback I can gather would be appreciated - thanks.

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