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3/31/12 10:06 A

I know a lot of old Asian people used it

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,571
3/30/12 3:36 P

I use it but have not noticed any additional weight loss benefits.

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3/30/12 2:17 P

Hi I know this is late coming but the canola is a plant grown much like wheat, and where I live out here in Kansas, it grows well and grows like wildfire.

The plant is very yellow and full bloom, and it is a big cash crop like stated from others. The only issues with canola is the high incidences of allergy to canola. A lot of people that live here where canola is farmed complain of severe headaches and upper respiratory symptoms during canola season. This is due to the rapeseed pollen getting in the air.

We don't use canola in our house (we use only extra virgin olive oils) because our household is allergic to a degree to canola.

JEROMEN Posts: 39
3/31/11 3:13 P

That is a good link to show the O6:O3 ratios in oils. Flaxseed Oil and Macadamia Oil appears to be best in that respect followed by grass-fed butter. Coconut Oil is also low in O6 but has no O3. Overall, I would say Coconut Oil is very good.

JAMIEV22 Posts: 337
3/31/11 1:59 P

Thanks for the info. I've wondered about this oil but have never used it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,757
3/31/11 1:57 P

The name canola is an acronym - CANadian Oil, Low Acid.

If you google canola, you can read more about it and see photos of the plant.
It is actually rapeseed and is a major cash crop!

3/31/11 1:37 P

I have been using coconut oil for close to 5 years for everything except salad dressings. It is great for my skin and hair as well as my food. I love it, and I think what I love the most about it is I know where it comes from. I know what a coconut looks like and tastes like. I cant say the same for a canola? What is a canola? Has anybody ever seen a canola? I understand vegetable oil and olive oil but what the heck is a canola?

ANGELICSOUL64 SparkPoints: (13,405)
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3/31/11 1:22 P

Yeah, it's about 105 calories/tblspn and 14 gr fat.
Comes to 4 Weight Watcher points.

But, for maybe a little taste I could divide it in half... or a quarter.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
3/31/11 1:09 P

Its a tasty oil, but it certianly doesnt make you lose extra weight, nothing does that.

Track your oil, its not a supplement with no calories, it has as many as any other oil.

ANGELICSOUL64 SparkPoints: (13,405)
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Posts: 119
3/31/11 1:07 P

I just had some butternut squash with a bit of coconut oil mixed in. It was fabulous. :-p

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
3/31/11 12:45 P

The jury is still out on whether coconut oil is "healthy." It's saturated fat, but it looks as if it's different and probably less harmful than other saturated fats. However, there's no evidence that it's healthier than unsaturated oils. It's probably okay to use it to replace butter or SATURATED oils, if you like it. But don't use it instead of olive oil, nut oils, etc. Those are oils we know are healthy, while coconut oil is something some people *think* *might* be healthy. Don't replace a known good thing with a maybe.

And it won't do anything for weight loss on its own. If you just add it to your diet without substituting for another source of fat, you'll just add calories. The one way it might help weight loss is that it has a strong flavor, so you might use less of it than you would of a flavorless fat.

LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,173
3/31/11 12:21 P

I know people who use it because it's good for you, not sure about weight loss.

SILVERSTAR1975 SparkPoints: (8,846)
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3/31/11 12:04 P

I bought some cheap coconut oil at Wal-Mart and have been using it for popcorn and regular cooking. I just treat it as any other oil.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/31/11 11:43 A

Coconut oil is so much better than canola or veggie oil. it can withstand high temps. Popcorn popped in it tastes great. Go for it.

ANGELICSOUL64 SparkPoints: (13,405)
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3/31/11 10:57 A

Has anyone used the extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this topic. I've been reading about this and find it interesting.

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