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2/16/13 6:56 A

If you're craving Chinese, have a bowl of soup. Asian soups are extremely healthy and low calories. You could get a cup of won ton, egg drop or hot/sour.

Chinese food can be extremely healthy as long as you avoid the junk. Try the steamed veggies or stir fry. Avoid the fried stuff. Avoid the fried rice. That's not real Chinese fried rice. It's been loaded with salt/sugar for American palates.

Soups are always a good choice. Even a big bowl of soup has fewer calories than the general gao chicken. Spring rolls are a better choice than egg rolls. white or brown rice instead of fried rice. TOFU is a good choice. Although I know many people don't like Asian TOFU. Have a couple of stir fry dishes with rice.

If you go into a Chinese restaurant, look at what the waiters eat. Most tend to eat soups or a small bowl of white rice with some veggies. Ever notice they don't eat the stuff they serve ?


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2/15/13 8:39 P

I just had Chinese last night for Valentines day.. Hubby ordered out and when I got home from a 12 hour shift of nursing I had it waiting on my good China. Nice. Anyway, I always get steamed veggies and a protein. Usually Chicken or Steak on a stick. Low in carbs, nice and healthy and I splurge with the rice that comes with it if I want to add the carbs. I try and keep my carbs below 100 grams a day and it usually consists of vegs, fruit and gluten free whole grains.
Good luck

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2/15/13 7:50 P

Get a veggie based dish, or something with a lean protein- shrimp or chicken. Ask for the meats to be sauteed rather than fried, get brown rice instead of white or fried. Ask for sauces on the side (not all chinese places will grant the last request, but you can try).

Chinese can actually be really healthy, just watch your portion sizes and avoid the fried stuff.

Best of luck!

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2/15/13 6:35 P

Spring rolls are totally healthy if you have the ingredients or you want to make a run to an asian store. You dip it in peanut sauce usually, but you can also do soy sauce or just eat them plain, I love them!

2/15/13 6:27 P

I am craving Chinese food.. which is really odd since I normally can not stand the stuff. I know, weird.
I work 90 hours a week and am so exhausted and still have 5 hours to go tonight.. Tonight, I thought I'd break down & order in. Something we never ever do. Plus, I am not willing to cook tonight.
I really want chinese & I know my kids love the stuff.
Can someone please tell me some good options to eat so I don't eat a months worth of calories in 1 sitting? I already looked online. Our nearest resturant does not offer a calorie page.

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