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KRIS4CRAIG Posts: 112
2/4/11 12:17 P

My 2 and 3 year olds LOVE Nickelodeon Fit! It's fantastic!!!!

KRIS4CRAIG Posts: 112
2/4/11 12:17 P

My 2 and 3 year olds LOVE Nickelodeon Fit! It's fantastic!!!!

KRIS4CRAIG Posts: 112
2/4/11 12:17 P

My 2 and 3 year olds LOVE Nickelodeon Fit! It's fantastic!!!!

LIZA_JD Posts: 466
1/21/11 3:10 P

I have two daughters (5 and 1) and they both love the Wii Fit. They each have their Mii, but they know mommy exercises first and then they get to play the balance games or whatever they want. The 5 yo will get next to me and do it along side me or she'll be there cheering me on. So cute, gotta love her. The little is saying, "Me turn, me first." LOL!!! She hasn't quite mastered the art of being patient. They love doing the body test and all. Oh, BTW, we even did a Mii for the dog - yep, the Wii Fit Plus has a spot for pets. It's hilarious when I'm doing the running in the Aerobics a bunch of puppies come out running too. The 1 yo gets a kick out of it. We've turned it into family time - just need to get the hubby more involved in it as well.

ICANTODAY Posts: 975
1/21/11 1:55 P

My five year old has her own Mii too, I bought the Wii Fit Plus and Wii last summer and I was having so much fun creating my Mii that I did one for her (and DH too). The one frustrating thing is that since she's not great at reading yet, the instructions for some of the games are a bit beyond her and she doesn't really do what the game requires. emoticon

She has a great time with it though! She does the body tests too and I had to correct her height setting because she's grown so much since last summer that the Wii was starting to tell her she was fat. Five year old with body issues- add that to my list of stress I don't need in my life! emoticon

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (35,267)
Fitness Minutes: (40,639)
Posts: 1,534
1/19/11 3:46 P

My 4 year old has Nickelodeon fit. We really love it.

CRUZIN2LOSE Posts: 865
1/16/11 9:16 A

My youngest, 12, loves wii fit plus. He'll act like my personal trainer and do the exercises along side me. He is becoming really sensitive to how tough this is for me and is very encouraging. He is also becoming aware of his own physical fitness in a very healthy way. He wants to challenge himself to improve and I am seeing a lifelong love of fitness, fun and activity in the making.

IDGET16 Posts: 33
1/15/11 11:24 P

I have a 3 year old little girl and she LOVES the wii (usually MarioKart but sometimes even Golf!). We don't really encourage video games, but IMO these are not violent games so it is no different then watching a 10 minute tv show (she has a very short attention span).

So- in my efforts to get in shape I have incorporated the wii fit- mostly the hula program, and some of the yoga stuff for stretching. My daughter desperately wants to join so I made her own character and she LOVES it!!

My only real complaint is that if I play she takes over lol. But, I figure she is learning to be active. Plus, I have learned that I can do the exercise on the balance board and she does it next to me and has no idea that the person on tv is ME and not HER. I wonder how long I can fool her?

Anyway- this is just an idea for anyone who has the wii fit and some kiddos- its fun for them! Anyone else do this?

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