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7/25/12 10:08 P

Carrots, snap peas, celery all last pretty well in the fridge for me. I love eating them as a snack with ranch dip I make with low fat sour cream and dry ranch seasoning.

Peanut butter with an apple. YUM My grocery store almost always has a variety of apples for $1/lb and natural peanut butter is around $2-3 a jar here.

I agree with others, laughing cow cheese is great, but unless you are getting it at somewhere like Sams, its pricey IMO. I see it on SALE for $3.50-$4. Sams, I get three rounds for $8.

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7/25/12 9:03 P

cottage cheese keeps for a long time and with canned peaches (in their own juice, no sugar added) or canned pineapple.... holy yummy!

fresh apples keep for a long time

buy bananas, let them get ripe, then freeze them. You can then use them to make Banana Soft Serve, by placing them in a food processor and blending until smooth, then refreeze and it is just like ice cream!

Laughing cow cheese wedges w/ whole wheat pretzels or crackers

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7/25/12 9:01 P

it might be worth it to check whole foods out again. yes, they certainly earn their nickname of whole paycheck. but it can be worth it to poke around a little. ever after the price of their quinoa has doubled in the past five years, it's still at least $1 per pound less than anywhere else i can find in the area. and nondairy milks and tofu are in the same category as well. basically what i am trying to say is that there are certain things that you can get for pretty cheap there. and if you watch their sale fliers, you can get some great deals as well. i tend to go about every month and i spend about 20 on those staples that they are cheaper on.
i mean, i can get a quart of 365 whole milk yogurt for 2.69. i don't think it is organic though [and i don't have one in my fridge to check].

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7/25/12 6:59 P

NIRERIN - Considering my hunger level today, I am expecting one to two snacks a day. The reason I said two weeks is because I get paid on the 15th and the end of the month. Ideally, I want to do the bulk of my shopping on the day I get paid and just fill in small items. I will only have $80 out of each pay to spend on food.

There are really no places around here that have bulk bins. Only Whole Foods and their stuff is way more than I want to spend. The large yogurt is good - I forgot about them. I didn't know you could freeze it though! That would work great with frozen fruits

ALL - Thank you all so much for the ideas! I honestly never think of the simple things. These are all great and will definitely help. Keep them coming emoticon

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7/25/12 4:58 P

A giant bag of roasted, unsalted almonds from Costco lasts me several months.

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7/25/12 4:31 P

if you're single, try buying from the bulk bins. you can get as little as you need and it saves on waste.
and on that note, how do you feel about making your own granola or granola bars? you can make as much or as little as you want.
and stonyfield farms makes organic yogurt in the quarts for 3.69 a thing. that's under .50 a serving. and if you won't eat yogurt enough to go through it before it goes bad, freeze it in half cup portions and make smoothies with it at a later date..

also, when you say you want the snacks to last for 2 weeks at a time, is this your way of eliminating fruits or veggies that could spoil quickly? because how long a container of ten snacks is going to last is going to be heavily dependent on how often you eat them. and you didn't mention how often you snack.

7/25/12 4:28 P

-find a good cereal that you like to portion out into snack baggies
-buy nuts from the baking aisle (no sodium will be added) and cheaper than the seasoned ones
-dried fruit (a little goes a long way)
-have you tried the laughing cow cheese wedges? the light version only has 35 calories per wedge (good on triscuits & celery)
-buy mini whole wheat bagels (store in fridge to make last long time) - top with PB or laughing cow cheese

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7/25/12 4:28 P

hope this will help you, I got a list from
they have a great list of snack ideas. I too find it hard to come up with ideas for snacks.

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7/25/12 4:27 P

i love the honey roasted peanuts...or any kind of peanuts could work.they arent real healthy but i think its protein they are high in.and if you only do a serving at a time a jar im sure would last 2 weeks!

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7/25/12 4:12 P

I am severely limiting my budget starting next month. I am trying to figure out what to use for snacks. They need to be fairly cheap (yogurt is out because I can only eat organic) and last at least two weeks at a time for them to be useful.

I do have some fruit in my next shopping list and LF cheese sticks and maybe some type of cracker. Other than that, I am stuck. I hate hummus and am wary of guacamole. The only thing to dip into it that sounds good to me is tortilla chips. I don't like dipping veggies in anything but ranch/veggie dip (on the list, too)

I don't buy anything in bulk because I am single and live alone. It is usually a waste because things go bad.

Thanks in advance!!

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