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Yeah, you usually have to choose either muscle building or cutting. You can't do both. People always try, and fail.

Just bulk up. Keep with the same number of calories, but make sure it consists of lean meats and veggies. Stay away from carbs as much as possible. If you want to hit your protein numbers, then you're going ot have to fill your calories with protein-rich foods, and carbs don't have any.

Eggs and bacon in the morning. Make a 3-egg omelete with 4-5 strips of turkey bacon. (500 calories - 40g protein)
Protein shake for a mid-morning snack (2 scoops - 250 calories 60g protein)
8oz Chicken breast with mixed veggies (40g protein 300 calories)
Protein shake (2 scoops - 250 calories, 40g protein)
At least 8 ounces of meat and lots of veggies for dinner. (500 calories, 60g protein)
Protein shake as a late night snack (2 scoops - 250 calories, 40g protein)

That's about 2500 calories and nearly 300g of protein. It's a rough tally, but you get the idea.

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If you want that body you need to do a couple of things in addition to what you're currently doing.

1. Lift. Hard. 3-4 days per week you need to focus on a particular body area each day. For example, Monday-Chest and Triceps, Tuesday-Back and Biceps, Wednesday-Legs, Thursday-Shoulders and Triceps. Mix in some rest days etc to round it out over the week. Each day should be 3-4 sets of 3-4 different exercises to take that muscle group to exhaustion.

2. Core work. Every other day work abs, obliques, hip flexors, etc.

3. Eat more protein. A lot more. 1.5-2g per day per pound of your target lean body weight. If you want that body in the second photo you need to add 15-20# of lean mass to you current estimate of 130#. So you need to somehow get 225-300g of lean protein into your diet. This is necessary for good muscle growth. You will not gain significant muscle mass if you restrict your calories.

4. Sleep more. 8-9 hours per night minimum. Muscle generally only grow and repair when you sleep.

5. Continue with the cardio work to keep your heart healthy and the body fat under control.

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Age: Eighteen years.

Height: 5’7 – maybe a little taller.

Weight: 68 KGS- 150 lbs.

Activity level: Moderate (I do a lot of walking and I go to the gym about 2 – 3 times a week and do some light weights, nothing strenuous).

Calories per day: On average 3,000 (I believe I may have quite a quick metabolism).

Estimated body fat: VERY ROUGH calculation using a scale that stated 13%.

Shown as an IDEAL example in the other part of this attached photo, I desperately want to have a healthy, toned, lean body. That is my dream, something I’ve been constantly struggling to achieve for quite a long time. My question to YOU is WHAT do I have to do and what will it take – through nutrition and physical activity – to achieve my dream, that body shape below.

Some people say I need to lose weight, some said I need to 'bulk up' and muscle build (don't know if I agree on that one). Some say I need to do both - but how?

I’ve been trying to do this for so long, but without a plan, a goal, a structure, and I just don’t know where to start. I’m educated on what’s healthy and what’s not. I also don’t like when people say ‘eat healthier’ or ‘run around more’, it’s just so broad and not very helpful and as I said before, I need structure.

I have been to a nutritionist the first time about two weeks ago, who *sort of* led me on the right path, but I found her quite broad and general, and not very enthusiastic at all. I don’t think she truly understood my goals and aspirations.

You may be changing a life here and I sincerely thank you all for your time and knowledge.

My current self photo link:

My dream body frame/shape:

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