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8/24/12 6:35 P

What matters is that you STARTED!!!!!! You didn't give up and quit like most people. Seriously, most people start a diet on Monday and by Tuesday evening they are back eating the potato chips and chocolate bars and drinking soda. Give yourself credit for what you did and don't let that voice in your head (she's always a liar) tell you that you will fail. ANYTIME we move toward being better, we are winning. I've been here for nearly five years and I'm not at my goal, but I am better today than when I joined at 214#. So just keep going. Your children will feel better, and YOU can do some exercise in the living room.

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8/24/12 1:27 P

This was my first week and I must say that I did not do as well as I would have hoped to. I had some lazy moments due to my kids being home sick all week. My plan was to drop them off then head for the gym at least three days out of the week. I did Monday then I was discombobulated. I also need to get my head right because I have to get over my desire to eat EVERYTHING. I didn't do too bad this week. The week is not over, I can still meet my goals.

Stay encouraged!


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