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3/15/12 6:32 P

Here is a link to an article called "12 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet"

The one you are on is not a successful way to detoxify your body. This "cleanse" has been around for years. It doesn't work or else everybody would be on it. Please choose some nutrition for your body today.


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3/15/12 1:13 P

No, it's NOT good to "get all the poisons out of the fat lying around my body." There's no such thing. Yes, there may be such buildup, but there is no way to diet it out. Our bodies are not toilets, to be flushed with certain kinds of liquids. You will lose weight, but you aren't losing fat. Fat doesn't flush out of your body. You have to burn it through exercise and appropriate nutrition. If you lose anything, it will be fluid... nothing more. And it will come right back when you start eating, because you haven't actually lose anything.

There is ZERO evidence that these claims, yours or his, are accurate, and quite a LOT that this method is dangerous. Please reconsider. There is no valid research that is worth starving yourself over. You are groggy because you are STARVING yourself, and your body isn't getting the fuel it needs to function.

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3/15/12 9:15 A

Hello Harriet,
Has your doctor approved this? You should ask, and go by their recommendations. Please be very careful, the only thing that does work long term is eating correctly for the long haul.
The Spark plan is a great healthy eating plan!!

3/15/12 2:14 A

Sounds drastic.
It is good to fast to get all the poisons out of the fat lying around my body. Jumpstart the metabolism and open up the tissues washing out all the preservatives we eat and drink daily.
I am excited about it.
Later it will be a pleasure to eat an egg or a grape.
I am in control and it is mind blasting the power of good will power.
I am being rewarded too.
Groggy today but there again I have not had my juice yet.
Thanks I will read the articles.

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3/14/12 6:43 P

There is nothing good about this "diet" - it's nothing but starvation, and it's a scam that is just going to make you sick.

You are *starving* yourself. This is not healthy eating, and while it may trigger some short-term immediate weight loss, as soon as you start eating again, it will come right back.

People have ended up in the hospital over this nonsense.

Your body does not need to be cleansed. Your liver does a pretty good job of keeping you toxin free... it doesn't need your help, and it doesn't need lemon juice and pepper to do it. You don't need to detoxify anything. Your body does a pretty good job of it. The only thing this will do is shock your body into starvation mode, and potentially land you in the hospital.

Keep in mind this was created by a guy in 1940. He was a murderer, a con artist, and had no medical credentials whatsoever.

3/14/12 5:10 P

I started on Monday and completed my 3rd day.
Feeling a bit groggy.
Lets see tommorrow. Any one doing it or done it?
Do tell!

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