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9/20/12 1:50 P

Awesome Advice, the doctor did give me some stretching exercises to do in bed before i get up, since that is really when i'm in the most pain.

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9/20/12 1:48 P

I agree with the frozen can (I use juice cans) and roll it under the works great and relieves pain fairly immediate!
Also, you should try the chair exercises you can find on SparkPeople...a great place to start and can help shed some pouds without increasing pain.
Just recently I discovered that massage therapists can significantly help with plantar fasciitis. It would be best to see someone that also practices reflexology.

Besides the daily stretches, I found that wearing a "boot" at night works awesome. If your doctor won't refer you to a podiatrist, buy your own at . Another handy trick... never go barefoot or wear flat shoes. Berkenstock are pretty awesome, but any shoe that gives you a lift is ok. And that goes for slippers, too.....nothing flat. My slippers are more like "house shoes", but I'm used to it now and have so many less problems.

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9/20/12 1:28 P

Did your doctor recommend any stretches ? If not, there are some good stretches for the bottom of your feet that can help. Another thing you can do is take a can of soda. Put it in the freezer. When it's cold, roll the bottom of your foot with the can. That can help reduce the inflammation.

As far as exercises, the pool or a recumbent cycle would be two good options. The recumbent cycle is one where you peddle in a reclined position. That takes stress off the foot or joints.

And you may want to consider getting a second opinion on your foot. Ask your doctor for a referral to a podiatrist. Physical therapy might be another option.

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9/20/12 1:27 P

A stationary bike is good. I also have plantr fasciitis and went to "The Good Feet Store" (in Orlando, FL) and purchased some good (expensive but worth every penny) arch supports. I purchased two types of arch supports and one of them has velcro on the bottom so I can wear with sandals. I'm able to jump around with them and all. It took some time of wearing the supports for my feet not to hurt to he point of being able to do cardo workouts. The stationary bike is what my doctor had recommended for me at the time.

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9/20/12 1:18 P

visit a physiotherapist for a treatment plan for the PF.

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9/20/12 12:42 P

Does anyone have any good advice as to what cardio i could do with plantar fasciitis. I want to walk but i also don't want to make it worse. My doctor told me to lose wieght...duh! But i don't have access to a gym or pool. What else could i do?

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