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5/11/11 9:11 P

Since it's going to be poopy this weekend, rain again here in sunny California, it will be perfect for an acorn squash dinner. I guess I will have to come up with one of my crazy concoctions! Right now I'm thinking squash, onion, raisins and rice. Weird sounding, huh?

The rest of the squash I am going to roast and then freeze! I bag up a few cups of butternut squash for lunches to!

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5/11/11 9:06 P

This website is great!! Not only did have about preserving my squashy beauties, it also had info on planting them and today I planted a Honey Bear Acorn Squash. There little 1 pounders and only grow up to 4', perfect for my tiny garden!!

Thank you again for sending me the link to the website!

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5/11/11 9:06 P

Cook first then freeze but cook with as little water/moisture as possible. One poster said to roast then freeze....PERFECT IDEA !!

Adding any liquid will result in mushy squash when you defrost it.

5/11/11 8:13 P


This website may be helpful for winter squash informationL

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5/11/11 7:02 P

I would think yes; I've seen mashed frozen squash in the store.

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5/11/11 1:54 P

Wow, I never thought of roasting them and then freezing them! I love roasted vegetables and squash is so good roasted, thats normally how I eat it! Thanks, I guess I'll be cutting , dicing and roasting today! Thank you so much!!

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5/11/11 10:48 A

I often freeze roasted winter squash--butternut, kabocha, even spaghetti squash. I like to peel and cut them into wedges or cubes, roast them until they're nice and caramelized, then just freeze the chunks in ziplocs. Not quite the same as having them straight from the oven, but still yummy defrosted. I just reheat and eat as is or toss into the pan with sauteed greens, throw into salads and pastas, puree for soups and lasagna filling.

I haven't frozen raw squash myself, but i _have_bought frozen cubed butternut in bags so i imagine it would be fine. Personally, I prefer the flavor of roasted squash and I find that, while not impossible, roasting frozen raw is a little harder to pull off. You could probably also just microwave or steam your squash and freeze the pulp as well.

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5/11/11 9:40 A


I have some acorn and butternut squash, and I was wondering can you freeze them? No one in my house eats them but me, and thats allot of squash I have and I don't want to waste them.



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