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3/29/12 5:02 P

I think I would ask my doctor. I am the first one to google something but I have learned over the years to not trust people's opinions about medical conditions. Hope you find an answer soon.

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3/29/12 4:58 P

Thanks. :) One of my problems is I don't have a doctor and I can't afford one so I basically do research online and ask people questions. emoticon

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3/29/12 4:53 P

It's always good to talk to your doc if you're concerned, but in general, it's a common thing for your fingers/hands to swell a little during exercise in hot weather.

Coach Jen

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3/29/12 4:26 P

Ya I thought that could be the reason too but what's weird is I never really had that problem least I didn't notice it. Maybe as I am getting older and the fact that I have been way over weight for so long it just happens to affect it more in really hot weather.....cold weather that it doesn't happen at all.....I just hope it's not an underlining health problem or something. At least now I know others have that too.....:) thanks for the comment back!

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3/29/12 3:57 P

I am not an expert but I also experience my fingers and hands swelling when I workout outside in warm weather if I am walking or running. It has never bothered me that much so I never wondered if anything was wrong. I just thought it had to do with blood flow and swinging my arms.

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3/29/12 3:50 P

Hi folks....I have a question if anyone would mind answering or knows anything about this. It's about hands swelling up. Every time in hot weather my hands swell up big after I exercise. I always drink water before and after. I guess I would just like to understand why this happens or if this might be a medical problem or something. Thanks!

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