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2/21/13 2:21 P

I had gestational diabetes with my daughter and finding proper foods to eat were a challenge. What about mashed sweet potatoes? They didn't spike my bs like normal ones would also:

mashed cauliflower
milk with a couple tbsp of sugar free chocolate syrup
homemade pumpkin mousse (I think theres a SP recipe)
chicken chili with shredded chicken (just no beans!)
taco soup (minus the beans and tortilla chips lol)
You could also do a shredded chicken topped with some fresh salsa
Campbells also makes a line of reduced sodium soup
what about different kind of cheesu casseroles? (just use reduced fat cheese)
Sugar free jello
Sugar free pudding
Sugar free popsicles and fudge pops
boiled or steamed veggies until theyre softer then you could mash them and maybe mix them with a little lowfat cheese or cream cheese (creamed spinach mmmm)

Hope this helps some! :)

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2/21/13 6:27 A

Have you ever tried Yucca root. It has a thick waxy skin and all you have to do is peel it like a potato. There is a candle wick type cord that runs thru the root and you don't want to eat that part. Boil it like a potato until it's tender. I like to put coconut butter on my Yucca. You can find them at Publix, Wal-mart or a health food store. The won't spike your blood sugar like a potato does. Hope this helps my friend.

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
2/21/13 5:19 A

Hiya Slimmerkiwi,
unfortunately potatoes are a no go for diabetes it makes your BS (blood sugar) go way too high..
but its the only thing ive been able to eat lately emoticon ..
So i'm pretty sure my bs and A1c is gonna be too high for my 3 month control..
Havent tried the brazil nut butter yet coach Tanya.. very busy..
Lovemouse that's a great idea .. the powder.. but salads are not possible as i can't chew them..
I was at my dentist again as the prothese was too big and hurting my face.. and he said within 4 months i should be able to eat more types of food..
In the meantime I'm eating alot of potatoes, fish and mashed green beans and carrots..
Thanks everone for suggestions.. emoticon

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2/19/13 4:01 P

Tisha - funny you say that about the nut butter. I have just watched a chef on TV and he dry-roasted the nuts and then put them in a grinder and made nut butter out of it (he was making truffles :-) Nothing else was adding to the butter (but the butter was added to the ganache mix - LOL!)


TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
2/19/13 11:19 A


You might be the first to develop a great recipe for Brazil Nut Butter!

Coach Tanya

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2/16/13 11:18 P

You can still get nuts in your diet! I used to make a homemade salad dressing that involved putting almonds or cashews in a blender and turning them basically into powder. Then I mixed it with balsamic vinegar when I put it on my salads. You may not be able to eat crunchy salads very well, but think about crushing the nuts in a blender and adding them to something else, even something like oatmeal, mashed sweet potatoes, etc. it might not sound very appetizing but you would really be surprised. Try it!

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2/16/13 10:21 P

have you thought about mashing a potato and adding egg to it? In fact, cooking all veges and mashing them and then getting your meat and pureeing them with some liquid and adding that to the veges. If your meat is casseroled, then the liquid from that will be fantastic. Add enough to make a real thick 'creamed' soup (with the cream). That way you get all the protein etc. that you will need.

I used to do this for the oldies in the Rest Home I used to work in. They had it like this for a variety of reasons - some because of their teeth, and some because of risks associated with swallowing 'chunks' as a result of strokes and/or dementia. If you want to eat your meat/veges as separate food items, then puree the meat on it's own with gravy, and puree each different vege separately - it helps with the visual affect for helping to digest and enjoy your food.

Smoothies are also really great, and you can add your nuts into them, as well, and possibly some oat bran to help keep you full for longer.


SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
2/16/13 1:15 P

Coach Tanya thanks for that suggestion i certanly will try that.. do you know about brazil nuts if theit possible to make into butter??
thanks again

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
2/16/13 1:12 P

thankyou Sunshine and Fiona , those are great and well appreciated ideas..
I definately will try them..
The bleeding has stopped now just occasionally a little that was the worst 3 days.. now ive made soup and put it through the blender but its not very appetijzing.. a;; mixed together.. ive juiced 2 large carrots with apple but its such a tiny amount that comes out and dont taste the same as crunching on a baby carrot haha.. I'm really gonna miss that..
advocado's are way too expensive at the moment unfortunately as i like them..
I haad only my top teeth out and they are sore, can't bite at all and occasional movements hurt, have to learn all over again.. what is sustagen??
I can eat fruit but i have to be carefull as im a diabetic and fruit has natural sugar and am not to eat too much in a day... berries is a beter alternative but not too much either.. but they are expensive and not in season either.. i will try to get some frozen ones at the s-store..
its te nuts that is gonna be hard like the brazil nuts for magnesium etc..
I found SP only a year ago so have only this past year learnt how to try to control diabetes and all the things i've learnt now i have to look for alternative ways.. uhhh ...
/but its 1 day at a time now... Sunshine has given some good ideas on the food choices,
thanks again for your advice support and concern..
Tisha emoticon pap(porrige like baby foods) for now.. lol

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2/16/13 7:55 A

My workmate had all her teeth out in one go last year and she was very sore, the false teeth were difficult to wear/use. She drank sustagen and milk/fruit smoothies until things got better.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
2/16/13 7:35 A

Possibly you might try steaming green beens until they are soft, soft boiled eggs for protein, unsweetened applesauce, lower fat cottage cheese, yogurt 0% Fage plain is the lowest in sugar that I have found, low sodium clear broth, oatmeal maybe with a little skim milk added, for me an avocado because it contains fiber to help slow down blood sugar increases.

How about a handful of barley to soup or steamed veggies, great source of protein and it;s soft and easy to chew. Maybe Black Bean Soup, tomato soup, lentils with matchstick carrots, or veggie soup, or maybe some Multi Grain Cheerios or Puffed Rice soaked in some skim milk. Egg whites have protein too and are easy on the mouth. Quinoa, refried beans, sweet potato with some cinnamon.

Steamed Zucchini or eggplant with pureed tomatoes, mashed Cauliflower, Asparagus all soft and easy.

I was also told by my endocrinologist not to eat sugar free foods or wheat erlsted items as they can surge blood might want to check this out with your own doctor and test if you do.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
2/14/13 10:49 A

Sounds like you will just have to re-think how you make a soft version of your favorite options. While eating almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts -- eating a tablespoon of them in the form of a nut butter most likely will not be. Here is a blog that explains how to make your own.

Homemade Nut Butter

You might also find this chart helpful to maintain your portion sizes for blood sugar control.

Carbohydrate-Counting Chart for People with Diabetes
A Single-Serving Reference Guide

Coach Tanya

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
2/13/13 6:45 P

Thankyou all so much for the advice and suggestions,
I had asked my dentist but he said i have to be carefull and learn to eat.. I go back on friday morning then he takes out the prothese to see how my gums are.. but i have to stay 6 months with this one and it does not fit good, so i will have to change my diet again..
I have been eating almonds and walnuts and brazil nuts the last year to help keep my bs low.. but i cannot chew now so i dont know how im gonna be able to get my bs down as most soft foods are carb's or overcooked veges ( that i dont like) i liked mine crunchy..uhhh..
Well i will have to grin and bear it for now..i had some sugar free jelly so i made a pint hopefully it has some nutricion init??..
Its normal that the gums bleed after extraction but im not allowed to take out the prothese to rinse it so im continuously have to spit in a tissue..and to drink i have to check if its less ... I think tomorrow it will be bleeding alot less than today but its just im concerned about my blood sugar.. i will call my nurse tomorrow to see what she thinks as i have to do blood work in the hospital soon so maybe i get it posponed as my bs readings will be high due to having to eat carbs i was on alow carb diet to help my diabetes...i'll see
Thanks again everone for your concern

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
2/13/13 2:04 P

I echo the suggestions to contact your doctor or diabetes educator for specific guidelines. In the mean time, you can try to select soft foods that fit within your meal plan in careful portion sizes.

For carbohydrates -- perhaps a soft cereal (1/2 to 1 cup serving depending on your meal plan) like oatmeal or porridge made with low fat milk.

Protein options could include baked beans (without any brown sugar added), scrambled eggs, cottage cheese or non-fat, unsweetened Greek style yogurt.

You can bake an apple without the skin or cook carrots and then mash them for a soft fruit/veggie option. 100% fruit or vegetable juice in a 1/2 cup serving size is also an option.

Hopefully as your mouth heals you will be able to move on to soft casseroles like tuna, noodle as well as soups.

Hope that helps and hope you are feeling better soon.

Coach Tanya

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2/13/13 1:48 P


I agree. Call your dentist and tell them you're gums are still bleeding. Did they prescribe any medication ? If not, call your doctor and let them know you're having dental issues that are keeping you from eating.

Can you eat soup ? Have some canned soup. I know the sodium may be high, but you need to eat. Ask your doctor if you can make smoothies to drink from bananas (or strawberries, blueberries), yogurt and low fat milk. Do you normally eat yogurt ? If so, eat yogurt. Greek yogurt is high in protein and fiber.

2/13/13 1:43 P

I agree. Call your doctor...but be sure to stay hydrated. I had some serious dental surgery last year and while I wasn't able to eat, I really had to make sure I was getting enough liquids.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
2/13/13 1:37 P

Call your dentist and ask them what to do. If you can't get through to them, call your primary care doctor for advice.

No one on Spark is qualified to give you medical advice about your specific problem, sorry.

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
2/13/13 1:16 P

I'm diabetic and just had my teeth out and they put a prothese in straight away..( im not allowed to take it out to rinse and my gums are bleeding under it and its just so awful) ( my teeth deteriorated by being a diabetic)...
I should eat regularly 6 meals a day but i cant eat anything now with the pain from the removal of teeth and the prothese is too big and i cannot eat anything..
Has anyone been there as im afraid my blood sugar is gonna go so high.. all i got to eat today after the bleeding wasnt so much but its still bleeding is weetabix in warm milk, and this is a no go for diabetics..
I'm so afraid about the diabetic complications if i cant get to eat properly like veges and meat etc carbs are very bad for diabetics??
Can anyone help please.. thanks in advance

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