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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,632
11/17/12 5:42 P

There is NOTHING wrong with pizza. Often the problem is that for some people it is eating MORE pizza than they can easily fit into their calorie range and/or they are looking for healthier, lower calorie, lower fat foods to replace the pizza or to make it a better choice. There is NOTHING wrong with eating ANY specific food - it is just sometimes there are better choices.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
11/17/12 11:43 A

Pizza is bread, meat, dairy oil and veggies. It's like a complete meal! What's wrong with pizza?

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10/27/12 8:37 P

Great suggestions here. I've made the pita bread pizza before and it is yummy, definitely satisfies the craving for pizza! Another suggestion for an inexpensive, easy-to-get healthy food would be to go to Subway. They are practically everywhere and have pretty good deals on footlong subs or 6" subs w/ chips and a drink. I know my Dad frequents Subway quite often and will buy a footlong, cut it in half and have part of it for lunch and the rest for dinner - or he'll have half on one day and eat the other half the next. He's lost about 20 lbs. by eating lots of Subway sandwiches so it seems to be working for him. :)

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10/27/12 5:29 P

Hi everyone! I know this thread is from a couple weeks ago, but I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your advice and motivation! I ended up taking some time off from worrying about weight loss and instead focused on dealing with some of the major stress in my life so I would have more time to focus on eating right and exercising in the future. Now I'm getting back on track with my program and I somehow even lost two pounds during that time! All of your advice really helped and I can't thank you all enough!! :) emoticon

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,467
10/13/12 9:44 P

We have all had those days. I try not to feel guilty about it and make sure I get right back on track. Do not let it sabotage you. We all have these days! You can do this. emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,632
10/13/12 6:23 P

There are lots of great suggestions about the pizza, making your own, choosing better toppings, getting something else, etc., but there is no reason you cannot learn to live with your pizza night with just a few small tweaks.

IF you are planning on having the pizza and all the stuff that comes for CHEAP - PLAN for it. You can have it. Just plan in advance how you will fit it into your plan and make it work. You might have a really light breakfast and lunch or skip your morning snack, or whatever adds up to the 340 calories you went OVER with. THEN, DO NOT NOT NOT feel guilty or beat yourself up about it - your reaction seems to be causing MORE trouble than the actual pizza night did.

If I was afraid I would eat too much, I might invite friends to share BOTH cost and pizza and send all but a single portion home with the guests when they leave and have that portion for lunch the next day. Or, you could FREEZE the pizza in single serving packages almost immediately before you start to eat too many. I don't face this particular problem because none of the pizza places come anywhere near where I live so making our own is our best choice. I would however get really creative if I had a tight budget and cheap pizza easily available. Think about ways you could make your choices more effective. Could you just skip the bread sticks? No, you REALLY LOVE THEM, okay, maybe you could get THEM and skip the pizza. No. you REALLY WANT BOTH, okay, so maybe you get both, freeze part of each so you don't have to order out next week or the week after because you WISELY saved enough for both those pizza night treats. Think outside the box so you PLEASE your taste buds, your budget, and your healthy eating plan. No food is really impossible or totally off limits - what SHOULD and CAN be off limits is the BEATING yourself up and the guilt associated with choosing them. Be nice to yourself and make the best choices you can with what you have to choose from.

10/13/12 1:25 P

Instead of reflecting on what you did wrong, concentrate on what you are going to do right from now on and don't be so hard on yourself. We are only human and slipups will happen. It isn't the end of the world. Stop beating yourself up. That negativity will only slow you down.

10/13/12 1:20 P

JHISEROTE gave you some great suggestions.
I think it is really important to not allow your choices to effect how you feel about yourself.
Could you have made better choices? Yes.
Does it change the person that you are? No.
You are on a journey to a healthier lifestyle and it is not easy. I am not sure it ever gets "easy", it just becomes your habit.
Just like pizza night has become your habit. There is no rule that there has to be pizza night!
Change the night! Chinese food is really reasonably priced if you are just wanting to eat out.
You have to change how you look at things.
A financial bargain doesn't make for a caloric bargain and look how you are feeling about it...
Honestly, don't let yourself get so down.
Also...your calories are based upon the week, not just the day.
Keep that in mind. CAN do this!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/13/12 7:34 A

Good suggestions from JHISEROTE.

However, (in response to the subject of the thread) you'll only get motivation from you, and not from anyone else, really.

JHISEROTE SparkPoints: (8,887)
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10/12/12 11:45 P

Pizza Suggestion: I make my own pizza using 1 whole wheat pita bread with a low-cal pizza sauce or even tomato paste with some seasonings, load it with your favorite veggies and a very small amount of cheese on top! It is surprisingly very good and low calories/fat! 241 calories and 4.8 grams of fat! It is very quick to make, just put your oven on hi broil and put it in for about 5-10 minutes. That's it! If you are used to eating more, load up on more veggies, fruit or a salad with very low cal dressing! Only make ONE, that way you only have one serving!
Make sure you are snacking between meals, 100-200 calories each, with lots of fiber and protein, this way you are not overeating at meals! That was my main problem. Eating every 2-4 hours keeps your blood sugars level so you don't bottom out and grab the first unhealthy thing you see! Eat snacks like an apple/celery with peanut butter (1 serving of peanut butter, don't eat a lot, it's high calories). Fruit has lots of fiber and I mix it with some nonfat yogurt with a little bit of grape nuts on top for a crunch. Vegetables are great to snack on, very low calories...I don't like them raw but I love roasting zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli or any veggies you like! Season them up and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes. Very good!!!
If you are short on money, buying pizza isn't going to help you! It's convenient and you obviously have no control over the portions you are eating! If you don't have access to a full kitchen, you can always buy one of those small toaster ovens or an electric skillet to cook in (might be able to find cheap ones used at yard sales or a salvation army or something) You can buy a lot of food with the money you would spend on pizza for one night and when you are cooking at home, when you cook only enough for one serving, you aren't overeating!
Don't go off track because you messed up today! Just think about mistake isn't going to make you keep gaining weight but giving up is definitely going to make you stay at the same weight or even gain more...just get back on track and you will be fine! We all have bad days but it's your attitude about it that will make or break it! So you tripped and stumbled but you are still ok, keep going!!!
As for exercising at home, if you can't jump around a lot, you can always do low impact like walking in place, pushups, situps, leg raises, use small weights and work your arms, stretch, side steps, squats (these will kick your butt), any type of movement is burning more calories then sitting or lying around! If you are watching tv, get up on every commercial and do some sort of exercise! Cleaning your house even burns calories! Do a low-impact workout video...low-impact shouldn't be a lot of jumping around and if there is you can always modify it yourself!
Anyways...don't get so down on yourself, keep your head up and keep going! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

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10/12/12 10:58 P

Hi guys,
I'm not having a very good day today. I've been trying this week to eat right and I've done an okay job (not great) and I got a few days of exercise in. I kind of messed things up yesterday, though. Thursday is typically pizza night so I ordered pizza. I'm really short on money lately so I used the coupon that gave me the most food for the least amount of money - that meant I got a pizza, cinna stix, parmesan bread bites and diet Coke for very little money. I justified this by telling myself it would feed me for a long time, but of course that isn't true. I ate a lot of it last night and went over my daily calorie limit by 340 and then today I mostly just ate leftovers.

I haven't actually even met my minimum calorie goal for the day yet today but I plan on having a small snack when I get hungry later. But since I've basically only eaten pizza today, I just feel absolutely awful about myself. I didn't exercise today and I'm not sure if I'll have time tomorrow. I really didn't do anything at all today and I feel pretty worthless...

Does anyone have some advice for me? I realize that this is not the worst slip-up in the world and it won't set me back hugely, especially if I stay within my calorie range for today. I just feel awful when I don't do anything all day - I never even got out of my pajamas!

So here are my questions:
- What is a good substitute for ordering pizza on 'pizza night'? Is there a healthy option? I don't have access to a full kitchen, so that's something to consider.
- What can you do after a bad day of going over your calorie limit? Just forget about it and move on or something else?
- What are some exercises you can do inside that don't involve a lot of jumping around? I usually run outside but sometimes I want to exercise after it's dark out and I don't feel like I have a lot of options. The house I live in is very old and creaky and my roommate probably wouldn't appreciate me doing jumping jacks or things like that because it would be very loud!
- Does yoga burn calories? Would this be a good option to fall back on if I don't get my regular exercise in?
- Any other advice? :/

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