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2/22/13 1:14 P

I saw something on The Biggest Loser that's been helpful to me. When I have a craving for chocolate, I immediately imagine it dipped in vinegar or (insert your favorite unpleasant liquid here). That's a big turn-off and I find the urge passes quickly.

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2/22/13 11:29 A

I too am guilty; my culprit is M&M's. While I respect the "out of sight, out of mind" post, this is trouble for me, I'm afraid, since M&M's have become a staple incentive food for my three-year-old daughter, Jocelyn. These are kept on hand for special treats and behaving at bath time. (She is a terror in the water.)

At any rate, while I too struggle with the chocolate cravings, I am definitely going to try the suggested organic dark chocolate as a substitute rather than try, and again fail, with a total abstinence plan from chocolate. Maybe that will give me a less damaging fix. And thanks for that suggestion, Lili...

One last thing, the shame factor never helps. So, I would recommend avoiding those feelings altogether, where possible, and then moving on with a better plan. I tend to eat my shame, so I am better off avoiding this controllable emotion altogether, although it takes work. (Still working on it. :)

MLS616 Posts: 157
2/22/13 10:45 A

From what I remember, it is also a natural appetite suppressant.


I am so happy you clued me in to this!


MLS616 Posts: 157
2/22/13 8:52 A

That's really interesting you say that, because PCOS (which I have) also has associations with low level of Mg and I usually take it and haven't been much in the past 8-12 months - just mostly forgetting.
I will start up again. It is important I have it anyway.



SWIMOM Posts: 366
2/19/13 11:33 P

Chocolate / sugar cravings MAY be rooted in a low magnesium level if memory serves me right. Not to say that's the problem but thinking back to my college days, I remember reading about a magnesium and chocolate connection in a nutrition text.

MLS616 Posts: 157
2/19/13 11:12 P

It's working!! I bought a dark bar from Purdy's and it's still in my desk at work. I have a piece or two after lunch and that seems to do it

Thanks everyone!!!!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,319
2/18/13 7:56 A

Dark chocolate has a low glycemic index...Hersheys now makes dark chocolate could have 5 of those for 100 calories. I read somewhere dark chocolate is good for your heart and colon and it is supposed to help prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure & heart disease....most likely from the flavonoids in the chocolate, so maybe those calories are not wasted afterall.

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2/18/13 1:12 A

I'm the type of person who has to have chocolate almost everyday too... what seems to work for me is a good quality bar of dark chocolate, that I break into pieces so I can have a square or two a day. I will limit myself to one bar a week and then when it's gone that's it until the next grocery trip. :) I also mix unsweetened cocoa powder with almond milk to make hot chocolate, or add it to my morning oats, etc.

MISSNUSS Posts: 120
2/17/13 5:24 P

Hey there! I remember a post like this long ago, so know your not alone. One night I was on a chocolate hunt. I don't mean get a candy bar, I mean eat 5 bowls of coco puffs and wash it down with 8 gallons of chocolate milk type of hunt. I remembered reading an article about the reason (some) people crave chocolate is because of certain bacteria found in your intestines. The article recommended eating unsweetened chocolate. Yes, its nasty straight up, but oddly enough, after a couple of bites the craving was done. Some other people have tried this and had success, and I hope you will too emoticon

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2/17/13 3:45 P

I sometimes make hot chocolate. I use the instant powder with hot water. Then it is really hot and it takes a long time to drink and you get to enjoy the chocolate flavor for a long time. It is way "cheaper" in calories than a bar of chocolate. I'm pretty much just like you; a tasty chocolate bar doesn't last long and always leaves me wanting more later on.

2/16/13 11:51 P

Have you tried breaking it up into sections? Say you have one bar: break it into thirds so you have 1/3 per day and while you are eating that 1/3, at it SLOWLY, so you savor every bite. I'm the same way with chocolate. I can't seem to get enough of it! I've been doing good lately, but what I used to do was buy the Hershey's Kisses and eat 3 when I was craving them (total 9 per day, which was a serving), then 6 a day, then I was having 3 per day. I was still getting my chocolate fix and I wasn't feeling deprived. Just a thought! Now I try to only have my treats a couple times per week, say Wednesdays and Saturdays and sometimes when the days roll around I don't even want them. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Of course today I bought a donut when I went shopping with my mom and put the bag on the seat and I asked her where she put my donut. She didn't even realize she was sitting on it...I hope this helps!

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2/16/13 3:14 P

I will try that as well. it is my weakness....

MLS616 Posts: 157
2/16/13 1:00 P

Thanks Lilliputianna!
That's a very good idea. I'll go get something intense like dark expensive and let myself have a little bit.

2/16/13 11:03 A

You could also try switching to a high quality, organic, dark chocolate. They are surprisingly low in calories (considering it's chocolate). The favor is powerful and knocks out any cravings instantly.

About a month ago, I couldn't shake chocolate cravings, so I started incorporating some high quality dark chocolate into my daily meal plans. It was an extra 100 calories a day, but it saved me from running to the store to grab everything chocolate off the shelves and gorging on it.

MLS616 Posts: 157
2/16/13 10:51 A

Hi Nancy,

It's very specific - the Cadbury plain milk chocolate bars.
So this is what happens. I'm at work or home and after main meals I crave it like crazy...I truly feel I cannot get through my afternoon/evening without it. I love my job, so that's not an issue. I do it on weekends too.

I will try the pudding!
Is it a lot lower in cal?


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2/16/13 10:30 A

Hi MLS616,

When you say you are addicted to chocolate--are you referring to candy?

One of the easiest ways to break a trigger food is avoiding buying it to begin with--you know the old saying, out of sight out of mind.

What about trying chocolate pudding? I once attended a webnair that using cocoa powder in milk or water can help with the chocolate craving without the added fat calories.

Coach Nancy

MLS616 Posts: 157
2/16/13 10:22 A

I am seriously addicted. I can't go a day without chocolate.
I would share my food trackers, but it's so's embarrassing.

I would say on average I'm eating an extra 300 calories PER DAY of chocolate! Such wasted calories :(

Has anyone else had this? Any tips to overcome it??
I really want to stop.

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