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See, I don't find that an issue at all... well, okay, maybe for soups.

You cook something in a pan and it's 4 servings: take out 1//4 of it, and that's your serving - just eyeball it. There are now 3 servings left (if you're eating alone), so pack the other 3 separately and they're ready to take for lunch the next day, or for tomorrows dinner, or to freeze for longer storage.

It's also not useful for many dishes where people like to make substitutions. For example mushrooms and green peppers will take up vastly different volumes when cooked. Or the type of pasta (think spaghetti vs. penne noodles) where, while the dry weight might be the same, but the volume (because of all the empty spaces in the penne noodles) will be very different.

All I know is I'm not measuring each thing I make in measuring cups in order to enter a recipe.

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I agree

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8/16/12 10:17 A

One thing that absolutely drives me crazy is recipes that give calories per serving without telling you how much a serving is. They usually say something like 6 servings per recipe. Unless I'm looking at a pie or something like that it's useless as far as I'm concerned. No matter what it is if you are eating left overs that information it totally useless. Why don't they just say per cup, per ounce, ect.???


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