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6/13/12 5:25 P

I have done calorie cycling. It really does trick your body. I did a higher and lower range calories. I did the high end of my sparks calories 1500 for 5 days and the lower end 1200 for 2 days. I liked doing it.

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6/13/12 5:13 P

I do this, but not specifically on purpose. That sounds like too much work! Just some days I'm not as hungry, or some days I have a higher-calorie treat. But if I take an average over a week or two, it comes out to right where it should be.

6/13/12 5:10 P

Basically you are eating on average 1251 calories daily. Of course you are going to lose weight---this is a low calorie intake...It has nothing to do with "tricking your body" so it doesn't get used to a certain calorie amount. There is no science for this diet plan.
SP Dietitian Becky

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6/13/12 4:02 P

Hello all!

I was just surfing the internet at work, ha, and came across this idea of "calorie cycling". This means that you eat a different amount of calories weekly so your body doesn't get used to the 1200 and stop losing weight.

So for "extreme fat loss" you would do

Monday and Tuesday- 1200
Wednesday- 1440
Thursday and Friday- 1200
Saturday- 1320
Sunday- 1200

Now I can see this being an issue because, well.. its hard to get exactly 1200! Some days I am closer to 1200 than others...

So what do you guys think? Have you heard about this before?

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