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3/28/12 10:53 P

Yes, you are over thinking this. Your food intake and exercise tracking are all averages and throughout the week. Our bodies don't run on a 24 hour clock and our nutrients are utilized at different times as needed. I have stuck to what SP recommends and I have been losing a constant 1-2 lbs per week. The plan works.

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3/28/12 10:27 P

One of the key messages of Spark is that it is about building long term healthy habits that helps you lose weight and keep it off, not a short term diet.

And it is a lot easier to build up long term healthy eating habits if you are consistent about your eating, rather than constantly adjusting what you eat depending on how much you worked out that day.

There is of course scope within the recommend 300 calorie range do some adjustment, if you want to.

Also, the body doesn't run a strict 24 hour energy accounting system. It is a more of a continuous thign, with natural buffers in there to meet short term increased energy needs, and store surpluses.


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3/28/12 10:12 P workouts both cardio and strength training and how to use the calorie range.. Sparkspeople doesn't or won't give a simple calculator to do this so alot of people will be strength training and not understanding why they are hungry..

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3/28/12 8:21 P

No, the ranges Sparkpeople gives you are for the whole week. You don't need to eat less, because what you ate yesterday burns across the entire week. Weight loss isn't a daily thing, it's a weekly thing! Sparkpeople doesn't advocate eating less on days you aren't as active. :) ou burn calories all the time, moreso now that you exercise regularly!

If you *want* to, you can eat on the lower end of your range if you don't feel as hungry, but don't stress over it, you know?

Well done on your activity increase!

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3/28/12 7:55 P

I need advise on how many calories to consume based on my activity level. For the last 2 months I have been exercising in the morning 5 days a week on the elliptical for an hour at moderate to high intensity, burning on average 500 calories for a weekly calorie burn of 2500. Based on my desire to lose 45 pounds at 1.5 pounds a week, Spark calculated I should eat between 1320-1670 a day. That has been working out fine. However, Inspired by my exercising, my husband has decided to start the Couch to 5k program at night and I've joined him as a running buddy, increasing my calorie burn another 1000, for a total of 3500 a week. Spark now calculates my daily calorie range as 1470-1820 based on my new weekly calorie burn.

So, here's where I'm confused....I work out 5 mornings a week (mon-fri) and 3 evenings a week (mon,wed,fri). Instead of increasing my calorie intake every single day across the board, shouldn't I only eat more on the days I'm more active? I don't "workout" on the weekends so shouldn't I eat less since I'm not burning as much? Basically I think I should only eat more on my heavy workout days in order to have a smaller calorie differential. Am I thinking too hard about this?

1320-1670. 1470-1820

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