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4/30/12 4:23 P

Hats off to you for a 7000 weekly calorie deficit. However, just like some other people have said, if you provide some more information like your daily calorie intake, exercise time etc we could give you some better feedback. As for deficits from strictly dropping calories, it can be somewhat counterproductive as has been mentioned. Your daily calorie need is a combination of your resting metabolic rate (normally the biggest requirement for most people), an activity factor based on regular activity levels (excluding exercise) like your job (construction vs desk job), a small amount for the thermic requirement of digesting your food (i.e. some foods like protein use up a lot more calories getting digested than simple carbs), and finally exercise calories. One of the unfortunate consequences of very low calorie diets is that your body goes into survival/starvation mode and slows down your metabolism to protect you, which in turn lowers the calories required to meet your resting metabolic requirements. So for example if your body normally burns 1800 calories a day (for basic life sustaining functions and normal non exercise activity) and you eat 800, that is 1000 calorie deficit. If you maintain 800 calories for any extended period your metabolism will slow down and as a consequence your body will now burn less than 1800 calories every day so your actual deficit is no longer 1000 calories but something less, even though you are still only eating 800 calories. Sorry to get geeky on you. So how to avoid it, smaller calorie deficits from strictly dropping food intake. I think a pretty safe, healthy range is 15-25 percent reduction of your required calories so the basic needs of your body are being met. Again, if you go very low calorie you can usually lose weight but it can be counterproductive to overall good health. A moderate calorie reduction with exercise to increase your deficit is probably the most healthy way to go. Also, if you increase your calories up to maintenance level (don't do the 15-25% reduction) about once every 4 days it can actually help keep your body from getting used to the new lower calorie levels and keep your metabolism running a little higher (plus you get to eat a little more that day so it is a win-win situation). I'm not an expert but this is my two cents worth. I hope it was helpful to somebody.

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4/29/12 9:26 P

Remember... the numbers aren't exact. It is impossible to actually calculate these things. You can get a pretty good guess, but there are so many things that factor into it, that you really can't rely on the numbers.

I commend you for working so hard. Creating a deficit of over 7,000 calories takes a lot of dedication and discipline. I have no doubts that if you continue, you will be successful, whatever your goals may be

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4/29/12 5:13 P

Ignore the robospam, guys. ;) Just report the thread so the mods can remove it!

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4/29/12 5:01 P


An internal cleanse of the mesasge boards sounds even healthier. I've reported your posts.

4/29/12 4:27 P

Hope you didn't "relax" too much! I can undo ten days of calorie deficit in one good binge.

Like the others said, post more details, and we can help you troubleshoot. You may just need more patience. Meanwhile, keep your chin up and don't give up! :)

4/29/12 4:23 P

Can you share a few numbers??
What is your SP calorie range?
What is your typical daily calorie intake?
What is the amount of calories you are burning weekly through planned exercise?
Is there any changes in how your clothes are fitting?


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4/29/12 3:28 P

How far over 7000?

Maybe you're creating too large a deficit? This can happen. I know it seems weird, but it does. Lots of people here report not losing weight until they ate more.

Since this plan isn't working anyway, why not try it? Aim for a 4,000 calorie weekly deficit for 2-3 weeks. See if that makes any difference. You're still in deficit, so theoretically you should lose, it's not as fast as you'd like, but 7,000 isn't losing it at 2lb/a week either, so any progress you make if you switch is better than the none at all you're making now, right?

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4/29/12 3:18 P

My calorie deficit this week was over -7000 but I have still not lost weight it is like I am beating my head against a brick wall. All this effort with no result. I even joined a Gym, I track my food everyday, I don't always use SP for my tracker I use another site but I write everything down in a journal to keep track of what I am doing but have no idea why the weight is not shifting. But I guess I will keep on going, although today I did relax a bit and just forgot about my diet for one day. But now it is Monday I will get back on the weight loss wagon.

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