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8/9/12 9:52 P

Excellent points. I find I'm more freaked out now that I've hit maintenance than I was at the beginning. That whole "only 5% keep it off" thing has me jittery. I really love where I am now, and I guess I need to realize that a misstep on one meal isn't going to kill my hard work- it's keeping myself in line in general that matters!

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8/8/12 5:41 P

You could just estimate it. Goat cheese has similar fat content to mozzarella, though some creamy types may be lower in protein (the crumbly or spreadable goat cheese).

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/8/12 3:40 P

Every figure is an estimate. From how many calories are supposedly in some ingredient you find out they actually do use, to how much of it they say they used. Compare these "estimates" to your own BMR being only an estimate, and the accuracy of your burn being a rough guess as well ... and you can throw that "accuracy nut" thing right out of the window!

You will never get "accurate". It's simply impossible.

So what do you do? Like Heather said, you do the best you can. It's actually probably more important to know that you had 2 slices of some form of pizza today than to know that your pizza was exactly 430 calories - not 410 and not 440...

Long term, your success (or not) at weight loss will come from your overall patterns and the rough trends that you make with your behaviours. Not from exactly how many calories were in one meal that you ate once a month.

So use a competing pizza brand that does have their info in the tracker or available on-line. Drop a few grams from their info on their own slices since you don't eat the crusts.

And make sure you're at least 100 calories below the upper target of your range. That gives you the freedom to have gotten it quite wrong and still be "in range".

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8/8/12 2:33 P

I think Dragonchilde has given you some good advice. Just wanted to add that Dewey's is one of my favorites too :)

Coach Jen

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8/8/12 11:56 A

Start by abandoning the idea of perfection. :) You simply can't track perfectly... even if you measure to the ounce and enter everything carefully. THere's always a margin for error. There simply is no way to know for sure what's in such items without asking the cook exactly what goes into them, and most restaurants are not going to share that kind of information.

The best thing to do is either enter your best estimates based on presumed ingredients in the recipe calculator, or look for something close to it.

There is just no way to be perfect when it comes to this sort of thing. :) Even if you measure and weigh every gram, there's always a margin for error. This is also why you have a range... to accomodate that margin.

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8/8/12 11:29 A

I'm an accuracy nut. I want to know exactly how many calories are in something so I can track it as perfectly as possible, so I know if I have room for anything else in my day. So, when I go to a smallish restaurant chain and I can't exactly track my meal it drives me nuts.

Dewey's is one of my favorite pizza places, and my go-to meal there is the pizza with red sauce and goat cheese, no mozzarella, and I don't eat the crust. How exactly should I track something like that? I don't know how many calories are really in their crust, or their red sauce, you know?

What do you do when you're eating out and the restaurant doesn't have publicly displayed nutritional information?

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