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7/25/12 12:18 A

Very possible. Caffeine is a drug, believe it or not, so sometimes when we cut back or cut it completely out our brain and bodies will go through withdrawals. If you're cutting out other foods, too, those might make the headaches a bit worse. Especially if the foods you're cutting out/cutting back on are foods that have sugar in them.

I'm not too sure how similar caffeine withdrawals headaches are to sugar withdrawal headaches, but I can say that cutting back sugar gave me horrible headaches. I took some ibuprofen, stayed hydrated, and had some dark chocolate bits to help... they went away in about a week. Maybe that helps a bit. Sometimes it's just a natural process your body has to go through.

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7/24/12 11:58 P

It goes to show that too much of anything is bad for you.

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7/24/12 9:43 P

thanks..besides stress that must be whatelse the headache is not gunna lie i was drinking 6-7 cans of mt dew a day sometimes even a 20 oz along with it,and just in the last week and half-2weeks i woke up the next day and went down to 2 sometimes 3 cans a day..but ive been drinking alot more water and was trying to cut the caffeine out(obviously as i was drinking to much)

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7/24/12 3:58 P

I get caffeine headaches when I cut back my coffee consumption significantly. In the past, however, I have cut back my coffee consumption fairly painlessly by following a two-step process. I discovered that it doesn't take much caffeine to make a caffeine withdrawal headache go away. So in the first phrase of my caffeine reduction plan, I drink coffee as frequently as before, but just drink much less of it (but spread throughout the day). That allows me to cope with the draggy low energy feeling without having to cope with a headache, too. Then, after about a week, when I start to feel more energetic, I cut back the amount of coffee even further.

For example, if my usual coffee consumption is 5 cups a day (e.g., 2 cups at breakfast, 1 mid-morning, 1 after lunch, and one around dinner time):

- In week 1 (days 1-3), I cut the amount of coffee I drink at a particular time but maintain the frequency, eg. 1 cup (instead of 2) at breakfast, 1/2 cup at mid-morning, after lunch, and early evening.

- In the second half of the week, I reduce those 1/2 cups at mid-morning, after lunch and early evening to 1/4 cup.

- In week 2, I cut out the mid-morning 1/4 cup and the late afternoon 1/4 cup.

I've never totally eliminated caffeine from my diet, but I have frequently reduced it from 5-6 cups a day to 1 to 1 1/4 cups per day.

7/24/12 2:43 P

they are horrible headaches...I go through them at times when I fast. so go in for a massage, often an upper body massage does it, then sip green herbal tea, put an ice pack on my neck.. and I do take aleves.. I love the neck and facial massage as the best part.

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7/24/12 2:23 P

Absolutely it's a real thing. :) When you deprive your body of caffeine, it can trigger nasty headaches that only more caffeine can cure.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be the same sources of caffeine! I've found that Excedrin Migraine is my magic bullet for a caffeine headache. It's got caffeine in it, and other headache-fighting painkillers, and is worth the extra expense.

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7/24/12 11:56 A

Caffeine withdrawal headaches are the worst! I had an awful Diet Coke habit and when I wanted to stop, instead of just going cold turkey I replaced it with a caffeine-free version for a few days and then gave it up completely. Anyway, it kind of helped keep the headaches at bay for a bit!

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7/24/12 11:38 A

When I've stopped drinking coffee cold turkey, I've had a headache for a day or two, but then it's gone away.

7/24/12 10:57 A

If you are used to drinking caffeine, you may have withdrawal symptoms when you stop or cut back drinking it.

I used to drink a lot of coffee. I decided to quit cold turkey. By 3:00 my first day with no coffee, I had the worst headache of my life. I had to leave work and lay in bed all day. After 3 days, the symptoms went away.

You can solve the headache by drinking caffeine.

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7/24/12 10:54 A

is there really such a thing as caffeine headaches? and if so is there a way to get them to go away?

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