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6/18/12 3:31 P

I am not sure what CTS360 is either but I can tell you I jumped on the Acai berry when they first came out and all the hype about them...they were even on Dr. Oz and Oprah at one point. The only thing I lost was the money I spent on them. So don't be too hard on yourself....Plus thanks for might help someone else who is consider trying them.

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6/18/12 3:22 P

I have no idea what CTS360 is and do not take diet pills, but was interested in your experience out of curiosity. I tried to look at your blog, and your page is set to private... so cannot view the blog. Would you make it public or if it is an external blog can you post a link?

TALLGIRLX3 Posts: 506
6/18/12 2:18 P

Ok - I have a small rant about the CTS360 products.

Oh, and please don't post any responses that say "diet pills never work" blah blah blah. I feel stupid enough as it is and we all have our moments that we aren't so proud of.

Long story short - it doesn't work... and I tried it. I mean REALLY tried it. I was on it for 5 weeks and I'm suspicious that it has actually had a negative affect on my weight loss.

Everything I read always said... "Just starting... I'm excited"... "Only beginning week 2... can't wait to see results". Nothing to really go on. Well - I'm here to be a resource for everyone else.
I tried it... I switched to a more "powerful" formula... neither worked. I know - try to stifle your amazement. Feel free to read my blog - which is another rant.

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