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4/25/12 11:34 P

Hi Kelly,
Thanks so much for checking in. Sorry I am so late. I came back from the doctor and of course she tells me I have to lose weight, prediabetic so I REALLY have to take this seriously.
I am so proud of you 40 minutes of exercise and you logged in all your food. BRAVO to you. Sounds like you are on a roll. Thank you for checking in with me. Talk to you tomorrow!

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4/23/12 11:04 P

Hi Caroline
Just getting ready for bed and thought I would do a check in. How did you do today? Did you make positive steps toward your goal? I feel that I had a pretty good day today :) I actually logged all of the food I ate today and worked out for 40 minutes :) Hope you did well and can't wait to hear about your progress :)

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4/23/12 1:09 P

Sounds great, my name is Kelly :)

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4/23/12 12:53 P

Ok KCampbell, let's make it a point to check in at least once a day with eachother? Nice to meet name is Caroline. Let's make it a going to help eachother along the way, ok?

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4/23/12 12:31 P

I sure would...I have been having a hard time keeping myself going and have fallen off the workout wagon with a huge thud :( I have been trying to get down to a healthier weight for a year or so. I have been back and forth the whole time. I have been eating ok and then I will do well with about a month or two of exercise and then something happens and I am back to square one. It is beyond frustrating and I am tired of being overweight and having to retreat to my "fat" pants :(

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4/23/12 12:30 P

You might find this helpful in connecting with others --

Find a Fitness Buddy
How to Find a Goal Buddy on SparkPeople

Coach Tanya

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4/23/12 11:52 A

Anyone interested in holding eachother accountable by checking in once a day just to see how eachother is doing? Kida like helping eachother get through this? Maybe we can just check in on this board and let eachother know how we are doing? Wanna join me? Come on, let's do this together!!! emoticon

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