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Sorry to hear about your loss - it is not easy, especially when you also grieve for your child's loss as well. Letting yourself finally feel those feelings will help - and fortunately you are choosing the right things to soothe the pain. Exercise is a great way to rid yourself of stress. While you are trying to get through the pain - always remember how fortunate you were to have a brother like that. Try to remember those wonderful times you spent together. Find some way to celebrate him with your child. What do I mean? If he had some habit - some thing he liked to do - try to celebrate him by doing it yourself with your child. It might help.

Congratulations on not easing your pain with food - it is easy to make excuses when you are feeling that way - so great job!


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I don't even know what to say to you. I'm so sorry/ I do feel that you do need to let yourself grieve for your brother. It is okay to cry. Hugs and keep strong! xoxo

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2/22/13 5:51 P

Ugh what a miserable day ive had today. My big brother and best friend passed away at the end of September. He was 30 years old. He was the biggest kid you would ever meet and had the biggest heart, he was also my 5 year olds best friend in the world, they saw eachother every single day. His death was sudden and in his sleep (asthma attack that did not wake him). We were all in shock. Im a photographer and Sept-Dec is my busiest season so I made sure I was booked every single day so I didnt have a moment to think. Here it is February and its finally hitting me - little by little that he really is gone (physically). This week has been full of anxiety about it with me. Today while on the elliptical doing my cardio I kept pushing harder and harder to get out my frustration and just broke down sobbing but I kept pushing hoping to release some pressure, heartache, anything. Pretty sure you burn more calories if you are sobbing while on the elliptical. or at least I tell myself that! Ugh.

One good thing - I tend to "Eat" away my feelings (hence why im obese) and I must say that I haven't eaten one thing this week to "comfort" me and that is HUGE on my half.

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