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SWEETKIM919 Posts: 1
2/24/10 1:02 P

I too am in a wedding this year. I have until September to reach my goal. My fear is that I am going to stick out like a sore thumb because the other bridesmaids are much thinner than me. They are 8's and I am an 18. I am trying to stay focused but it is so hard with all the snow we have gotten this year. I have to learn to not snack so much when I am bored. I think I can reach my goal of 30 pounds but I know it won't be easy.

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THVOLLEY Posts: 126
2/4/10 12:05 P

Im very excited about being in my cousins wedding as maid of honor, I wasn't asked to be in my brothers wedding so it will be a first for me. My biggest fear is that I don't look good in a dress and my dress is like a halter top that just goes up and around my neck with no sleeves....not looking forward to that but it will be an enjoyable day anyway.

1/31/10 9:15 P

I am going to be a bridesmaid in my 2 best friends weddings, 1 is June 5th 2010- the other is august something 2011. I really need to lose the weight before than. I have been in alot of weddings but, i was able to wear a shall or a little sweater over my dress so i didnt have to worry.. but this year my dress is sleeveless...and i cant do anything about it. IM soooo stressed i dont want to be the only chubby one.. all of my friends are like size 4-6 and me... yeah im like 14-16.... UGH!!! Oh well.. I am hoping i can lose enough and get my arms toned.

anyway sorry for ramboling its been one of those days! Hope you guys are all well im really excited about being in the weddings i hope you enjoy your weddings that your in! congrats =]

1/31/10 4:09 P

I came to spark because one of my best friends is getting married and i'm the maid of honor. the problem is that i weigh 350 lbs and i need to lose weight and find a flattering dress. the wedding is in december and no matter how much i weigh i'm definitely not going sleeveless. (i made an oopsy. i didn't see this topic so i started a maid-of-honor topic and I can't delete it)

GINAS930 Posts: 94
1/28/10 12:45 P

kinda glad to find this topic. My best friend is getting married in sept, and I am the maid of honor. I am sooo hopping to be down at least 30 pounds by then....."fingers crossed"

LALABABY8409 Posts: 563
1/26/10 10:43 P

My sis is getting married in August! I hope to be down another 70 lbs or so by then. Itll be so exciting!

SEVENKITTY Posts: 3,040
1/26/10 3:25 P

So awesome...I love weddings!

REINDEA SparkPoints: (24,300)
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Posts: 244
1/25/10 1:50 P

Well I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't more support for the bridesmaid, but I'm glad I found what little of you there are.

This spring my best friends are getting married. I'm one of 2 bridesmaids, the other is a size 0 (literally) I'm a size 16ish. There are other girls involved in the wedding too and all of them are smaller than me too and Bride is of course a size 4. I'm also tall. I want to be the tall bridesmaid, not the fat one.

the wedding is this spring in Puta cana, so several days on the beach and many bikinis to wear as well. Oh and the wedding is 5 days before my 30th birthday.

I really want to be a size 12 or better yet a 10 by then. I am going to be. I want to start off my 30s as the best time in my life.

ULTRAZGSD SparkPoints: (0)
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6/19/09 3:10 P

Have fun!

6/13/09 8:46 P

I'm pretty excited to be a bridesmaid too! That was, till today, when we went and tried on dresses. *sigh* I've got about 50 more pounds to lose and boy was it an eye opener trying those things on! It didn't help that the other two are skinny minnies and I'm still carrying around some baby weight.

But instead of getting depressed, I'm going to use those mental images as motivation! Especially during the Open House/Barbeque/Wedding season that is the summer! emoticon

KLS283 Posts: 32
5/31/09 12:08 P

Heya i'm glad someone else is as excited as me! I cant wait. The wedding is November last year and my only disappointement is that i am travelling the world up until 6 weeks before the wedding and i left 3 weeks after they got engaged. I hope its notall too stressful for those weeks! Luckily i'm the only bridesmaid so no stress about similar dresses or hens decisions! I keep checking in on the progress of the wedding.. as glad i am i'm involvedman i'm glad its not me yet! ENjoy the build up!!!

KTCAWLEY21 Posts: 201
5/29/09 1:22 A

I have a big announcment to make! I am going to be a bridesmaid next year! I can't wait to be one. It will give me experince of being in a wedding. LOL. I am so excited it's not even funny. emoticon

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