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12/20/10 2:56 A

Thanks for your share~~~!

12/13/10 9:55 P

As far as the mother and MIL what we are doing is at the end of the wedding during the recessional the groom and I will each have a rose that we present to our mothers.

For the bridesmaids and maid of honor we are giving them the jewelry, paying for the dress and shoes, and make up. Along with giving them tshirts for the bachelorette party and also I'm giving them a shooter. There are some other things I would like to do for them, but I'm not sure.

LAURAGUY12 Posts: 594
12/3/10 2:27 P

I love Etsy, too! I am thinking of getting them all pendants or necklaces - all different, but kind of the same.

11/18/10 4:19 P

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding where the bride paid for a hotel room for the 3 bridesmaids to share the night before and the night of the wedding. It was such a nice gift since all of us were coming in from out of town, so it saved us money, and it helped wiht coordination since we were all in the same place the day of the wedding, and had a great place to get ready with the bride.

ELFITZPA Posts: 1,455
11/15/10 3:48 P

Check out Etsy for handmade jewelry!!

That's my plan - I love Celtic jewelry and picked out a Celtic design for my wedding band. So my plan is to get the girls nice sterling silver Celtic knot necklaces to wear at the wedding. I'll probably put them in monogrammed totes with flip flops or something else they can use the day of.

JSMILE50 Posts: 112
11/8/10 3:36 P

Wow, you guys are going all out - I was just going to pay for mani's for all the girls!

BECKY425 Posts: 259
11/7/10 6:12 P

I had 9 couples, so I got all my bridesmaids earrings, lotion from bath and body works, and a vase engraved with their initial of their first name. I made sure to pick out earrings that they could wear for the wedding and after that too, so it would not be a one time use.

MOMMAGPLUS11 Posts: 2,669
11/5/10 9:41 A

You should consider all your attendants and their personalities. And it should be something that will remind them of you and your special day.

10/18/10 6:45 P

I am having a necklace/earrings/bracelet made for each along with having their hair and make up done. My sister is my MOH and my 3 future step daughters are my bridesmaids so i want to make it special...

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10/14/10 7:17 P

I am thinking of just paying for their hair and make-up to be done for the wedding. That way it keeps their costs down and give them one less thing to worry about the day of!

10/14/10 5:37 P

I got my Bridesmaids each a cute pink with black polka dots train case and I plan on putting Jewelry and other essentials for the wedding day in there. I will probably present it to them in the week before the wedding. I do want to give something a little more personalized into it though.

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10/14/10 9:32 A

All of these suggestions are really helpful. emoticon

KRMFREEONE Posts: 1,005
10/12/10 10:45 A

I see all the gadgets and pretty things in the magazines, but its stuff, and unless its going to be something they will adore you for I would go a different route,, such as paying for a spa day or their nails or their hair or their dress.

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10/12/10 9:08 A

I always think jewelry is a great way to go for gifts for your attendants. You can get them items that they can wear with their dress so that they have 1 less expense to worry about.

For my wedding I will be designing and making my own stuff. I kind of do it as my side job anyways, so why not use my talent for the ones I love?!

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10/8/10 12:39 A

when i get married we are not doing typical "gifts"... i have been in two weddings and I received a Coach keychain for one, and a sparkly silver box with my name on it. WTF am i supposed to do with a keychain, and a 2"x2"x1" box?

i'll probably pay for their updo, or a makeup session, or a pedicure and mani, or something actually useful. Who needs random crap??

weddings are expensive enough already.

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LILYSMOM08 Posts: 1,142
10/3/10 10:31 P

Getting married one week from today ----- on 10-10-10
......I'm still not sure about what I'm giving my attendents, but I can't help but think ....."on what planet" would I give them a coach wristlet ? No offense, but the entire budget for my wedding is under $4,000 and I did not ask my attendents to buy any specific expensive dresses.....just to keep within the color scheme is all. I'm thinking a $50 gift is more than generous......

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SEPLIBRA Posts: 271
9/27/10 1:58 P

You could give each bridesmaid a nice frame with a photo of you guys from the wedding as a thank you.

Or you could buy each girl a mani & pedi. Figure $35 for both plus tip, and your still under $50 per bridesmaid (which is alot cheaper than a Coach wristlet). Or, you could just buy each girl a mani if $50 is too much. Plus, if you call ahead, many salons have a smaller room to accomodate just those in your bridal party. It's fun, having all the girls together. And ask if they will allow you to bring a bottle of champagne or wine to sip on during your appt.

EILEENXO Posts: 249
9/27/10 12:53 P

I am apparently on the much more financially restricted side of things than most other comments. While I understand how much money it can take to be a part of a wedding as an attendant. I've been a MOH before and our dressed alone were $300... however... I am putting on a large tastefull thoughtfull wedding with a proposed budget of $5,000 all inclusive... yeah wish me luck. I am giving my bridesmaids a general idea of the color dress I want and they can pick out whatever style/dress they want. I will suggest for the dresses I found plenty in the right shades for about $60. I am planning on spending $300 including alterations and jewelery, makeup, hair on my wedding dress etc... So with that in mind it would be ridiculous to give coach wristlets and largely out of touch with the sensible, thoughtfull wedding I am planning... with all that in mind?! What would make good attendant gifts in line with all the background?!

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9/24/10 2:47 P

I've got all sorts of things for my bridesmaids. I found these really fantastic chain bracelets online that are customizable and inexpensive, I bought little tote bags that I'm going to personalize, and I'm going to make customized tank tops for them also. Thought about throwing in flip flops too that match their dresses, but not sure yet.

Really having trouble coming up with groomsmen gifts though...

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9/8/10 11:34 P

My wife gave out little jewelry that matched hers and I gave the fellas video games. Our teenage ushers got novels.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
9/7/10 3:40 P

I gave my MOH a necklace with her initial on it and a $50 gift card for Starbucks (her absolute favourite place in the whole world for coffee). The best man got a gift certificate for Future Shop, his favourite place.

8/22/10 8:57 P

I wanted to get my girls something practical but also something that I know they would enjoy. Right now I have bought my girls two things: (1) navy blue flip flops (they match their dresses so that they can change into comfry shoes at the reception) which I got monogrammed for each girl and (2) a spa towel wrap that I also got monogrammed.

I am also planning on paying for the girls to have their hair done on the day of the wedding...not technically a "gift" but just another treat to thank my girls for everything they have done for me.

8/15/10 10:13 P

i bought my 4 bridesmaids a silver bracelet with their initial engraved on a heart charm, threaded ribbons with my wedding colors through the chain, put it in a silver plated fortune cookie box with the ribbons hanging out about an inch. then i put the fortune cookie in a silk/brocade drawstring jewelry pouch that is also my wedding colors and with the pouch drawn up i stuffed it inside a 1 pint latch lid canning jar that also matches my miniature latch lid jar wedding favors. im sure ill put the jars in a gift bag or something but my friends are like me and we like layers of mystery but i also got all of the girls the same thing to avoid showing preference.

8/3/10 1:06 P

I was in a wedding a few months ago and we each got a mac eye shadow and lip gloss to wear for the wedding. She also got us samples of chanel purfume - I loved it. I suggest finding a buddy at the makeup or perfume counter and stick some freebies in the present.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
7/29/10 6:58 P

The Coach Wristlet gave me an idea.

If I don't give them high end Sterling Silver jewelry then I am going to go to the Coach Outlet and get them a handbag and maybe a wallet to match, it depends.

I am poor and have a limited budget like everyone else, but I want to spoil my bridesmaids. For all that they put into my wedding, and all the money they had to spend to be a part of it. I am going to get them something fabulous and extravagant.

Gifts for attendants, parents and etc. That is the top budgetary priority for me. Gifts come before everything else.

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7/29/10 2:33 P

I have 6 attendants (maid of honor, matron of honor, and 4 bridesmaids), so I couldn't spend a fortune on gifts for them. I live in Ft Walton Beach, FL, and I wanted to give them a gift that represented where I live. I bought them each a tote bag in a cute print, flip flops, and a beach towel. I also found these really cute initial keychains that I attached to the handles of the bags. I thought the flip flops would be nice for the reception too. Each gift ended up costing around $26.

JEMSTAR Posts: 682
7/20/10 10:43 P

I am making jewelry for each of my bridesmaids, and I'll probably also give them each a gift card to Bath & Body Works or someplace like that... I haven't decided yet.

7/19/10 3:41 P

Jewelery is always a safe bet, plus helps in keeping everyone somewhat matching for the occasion. I am also going to take my bridemaids for mani/pedis the day before the wedding - which is a gift and a relaxation technique all in one!
best of luck with your planning emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
7/19/10 1:05 P

I went to The Knot website and they said that a good rule of thumb is to spend $100-175.

When considering the amount of money a girl will spend to be in the wedding. That is not bad at all.

Ps. Love the Coach Wristlet.

7/19/10 11:48 A

My sister and I both got wedding jewelry for our bridesmaids.

7/19/10 11:45 A

It really depends. Brides all have different ideas of gifts.

Personally, I am buying them their wedding jewelry. I got my sister her necklace already, and I know what I'm ordering my MOH. I am keeping an eye out for my other bridesmaid. I am getting them something personal to them, so they can wear it long after the wedding.

I'll probably also get them a purse or something cute and fill it with wedding day goodies like mini bottles of wine, homemade 'bridesmaid kits' with things like deodorant, sewing stuff for rips, etc.

That's very common.

People also do picture frames, designer purses, pay for their wedding attire, custom wine glasses, a spa kit or a day at the spa. Anything you can imagine! Just make sure it's something they'll appreciate.


SEPLIBRA Posts: 271
7/19/10 10:49 A


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KEGOLAB Posts: 4
7/14/10 10:57 P

If you go to they have some cute gifts for bridesmaids at a very decent price. You can get personalized tote bags and a ton of other things to make it personal. It's great!!

SPINSUGAR74 Posts: 36
7/8/10 2:19 P

I am giving my girls personalized tote bags. In them is a personalized cosmetics bag with lip gloss for the wedding day. I am also putting a bottle of wine and a wine glass I painted for each of them in the bags.

MSSIS2 Posts: 480
6/17/10 12:22 P

My wedding is small, but I did get my matron of honor a rose gold necklace and earrings. Still contemplating what to get my maid of honor, but probably some type of jewelry or the dress she wears to my wedding.

AFIRED Posts: 4
6/16/10 12:33 P

I think I am going to get them each a pearl necklace/earrings, but I think I will get them each a different style. I bought 3 of the same necklace set, but after getting them and trying one on myself, I realized it would look ridiculous on my one bridesmaid. I will also probably get them another small gift as well, or maybe pay for them getting their hair done.

BOOKAYB Posts: 766
6/14/10 1:04 P

A little silver charm with your date on the back? You could find a charm for each girl that related specifically to them.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
6/12/10 2:37 P

Bluenile is a good website and they do sell quality items

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EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
6/11/10 1:35 P has some pretty, fairly simple earrings that are good quality and not very expensive. While of course they've got diamonds worth $$$, they also have some nice earrings in the $40-200 range. These include plain sterling silver, semi-precious gems and pearls. You could choose a stone that works with your wedding colours, or match the stones to the bridesmaids' birthstones.

They also have some really pretty (and inexpensive) pearl bracelets (about 15 styles for $100 or less).

I've bought a couple of pairs of earrings and a watch from BlueNile and have been very pleased with the fast service, quality and packaging.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
6/9/10 7:04 P

I was perusing the internet and saw the cutest thing

At the Converse website, you can design custom Chucks. They do range $58-70 but that is not much at all considering what a girl has to spend to be in a wedding.

I saw the purple sequined ones and I am in love! emoticon

ALICEART2010 SparkPoints: (61,885)
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6/9/10 3:44 P

I am going to get them something really special maybe vintage boutique. I will go shopping and find something unique and special that's not easily found. I don't want anything mass produced or cheap looking.

NURSEPICKLES SparkPoints: (0)
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6/8/10 11:54 P

I was just in a wedding and we got bags with our initials on them and they were filled with travel sized things we might need during the day (lotion, deodarant, klenex, etc). I'm thinking about making a personalized mug for each of my girls since I'm paying for them to get their hair done. They sell mugs at Target that you can put pictures in. I have one and love it!

6/8/10 10:48 A

You don't have to go big on the gifts. I've been in a few weddings, and the bridesmaids gifts differed from beach bags (with our initials) filled with goodies to jewelery to go with the dresses. It's just a thank you from the bride for them being a part of your big day!

--- hope your wedding is everything you dreamed! emoticon

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
6/8/10 9:23 A

I am probably going to buy my girls jewelry for the wedding and possibly an engraved picture frame. I have already bought a small personalized gift for each of them... a necklace for one, a t-shirt for another, etc based on their own tastes.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
6/7/10 8:04 P

I am going to give my bridesmaids a comparable gift to the amount of money they are spending to be in my wedding. So probably sterling silver jewelry from a high end jewelry brand, like Tiffany and Co. Or Pianegonda. Attendant Gifts will be a big part of the budget.

I think that bridesmaids will pay at least $100 (or more) for a dress, $50+ for shoes, at least $75+ to get their hair and make up done. And then they have to pay to participate in the Bachelorette Party. And besides I love my Bridesmaids and nothing is too good for them.

I will get them the best gifts that I can afford.

MRSDOLL1 SparkPoints: (14,456)
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6/7/10 6:41 P

Perhaps a key chain with your date engraved?

6/7/10 6:23 P

Hi!, I am doing a small wedding and wanted to give a gift to all the girls (mother, MIL, sister, etc)
Do you have any ideas?
Are you giving gifts to bridemaids? if so, what?

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