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3/2/12 1:03 A

I have been doing chest flys with dumbell weights and that has seemed to help me with that issue.

3/1/12 9:15 P

Just an FYI - before gaining back some of the weight, I'd lost 100 pounds and used to exercise a lot... I had been hoping that with all the weight loss that I would have done down from a DD... Nope. Still DD. And as far as I can tell, the girls still look the same to me. They're very stubborn.

SPINNER86 Posts: 166
3/1/12 3:10 P

Why are you stuffing yourself into anything? That doesn't sound very comfortable. Have you ever had a professional bra fitting? Many lingerie shops offer the service for free and I highly recommend it. You may find the right bra will actually make you look smaller (and thinner). That's what happened to a friend of mind. She's only about 5' tall and wore a 40D. Turns out she was really a 38F. She hated being an F but loved the way she looked and everyone she worked with thought she lost weight. I always wore a 38B and turns out I'm really a 36C. The right bra makes all the difference in the world.

Good luck being more comfortable in a better fitting bra.

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3/1/12 1:53 P

There's not an exercise in the world that can make breasts firmer. Breasts are nothing but a collection of fat and milk ducts... there's nothing to first. Doing chest strengthening exercises can firm the muscles *underneath* and give them a better base that may (or may not) lift them a tad, but you're not going to change the breasts.

As the others have noted, you can't spot-reduce any area. You lose weight all over, and where it comes off first is determined by genetics... not the exercises you do.

Pregnancy changes how our breasts look, and affects that elasticity, so yes, you are experiencing that. (For the record, breastfeeding doesn't cause breast sagging, the increases related to pregnancy do.)

As you lose weight, you will likely see weight loss in your breasts as you progress, but I wouldn't expect it soon. Make sure you're wearing the right size bra... I know it sucks to go up a size, but a properly fitted bra makes all the difference in appearance. I thought I was a 36D for the longest time, and until I was properly fitted, and discovered I was a 38DD.

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3/1/12 7:19 A

Exercises don't make the breast tissue smaller or perkier.. Thats called plastic surgery and is not really so safe as alot of people say plus if a option make sure you have money to replace the implant every 10 years...

Breasts are just fat deposits- body builders sometimes also have resort to plastic boobs as they are flatter than my ironing board..
if they do get implants they must not be too large or they can been right through their skin..
read her story and see what consequences look like..
you will find these exercises in Frederik Delaviers strength training books- he colour codes the exercise where on the chest they hit it.. Some hit the middle others the top and bottom..

Chest press does the middle area
Incline chest press does the top area
Decline chest press or Parallel bar dips will hit the bottom area- they are really really tough.

Another suggestion very supportive sports bra vs the fancy models.. They helped me avoid having skin removed there too.. I used to be a 100DD..

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3/1/12 4:26 A

You can't specifically target and area for weight loss. If you do workouts that target your breast area you are more likely to increase breast size because the muscles under them grow (how men get pecks).
Good peck workouts are push ups.

3/1/12 3:16 A

I stuff myself into a 34 DD bra. I am looking for home exercises that will strengthen the muscles under or around the breasts to make them look smaller, firmer, and/or perkier. Can anyone recommend specific exercises for this issue? (I have been roughly the same weight throughout adulthood, and went up one cup size--and stayed the same band size--with pregnancies/breastfeeding, so my issue is not sudden weight loss coupled with loss in skin elasticity and sagging, like I have seen other women post about. My issue is just sheer size. I would like to try to manage my size without surgery!) Thanks.

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