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To both of you..BRAVO!!! how wonderful this thread is!! I congratulate you both.
I am still working my way through my weight loss, but i can say i have broken the chain of eating at set times (not when hungry, but by the clock) and the problem of buffets and "free samples" I am firm in my stance on them...i do NOT eat every sample i see, in fact i very rarely try them. at buffets i am careful to load up on veggies and fruits, and then on my second trip i have some small bites of my favorites. i eat slowly and conciously, and sometimes only take a small bite of whats on my plate..very often sending the majority of the second plate back. it was hard to get used to, but now i can enjoy the things i love more with just one bite than i did when i was a total pig!!

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Congratulations, both on the weight you have already lost, but also on your resolve to help yourself AND your family break this cycle. One great example leads to more. I started running in 2006, and noone in my family had ever run before. The reactions ranged from how stupid I was, to how I was just going to hurt myself, to wonder (from the younger ones). Now, my little sister has started biking, my brother walks half marathons, and I have several neices who run in races and just for enjoyment. What a "family" difference in less than ten years.

You will inspire not only your family, but your friends and neighbours too.

From the tiniest Spark, a raging inferno builds!

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Hi All: I am here to break a few traditions which have plagued my family for at least five generations, perhaps longer. My maternal grandmother was obese, suffered from. Hypertension and diabetes, and died from stroke-related effects in her early sixties; my mother was obese, and suffered from hypertension and heart disease; she died of a heart-attack at 72; both women embraced a healthy diet to some extent (lots of fresh fruits and vegetables), but the also indulged in many high calorie, low nutrient foods (cakes, pies, rich custards, gravies, etc.) as well. This trend has impacted my generation, my children's generation, and even their children's generation. I am determined to both make a difference and to teach a difference. We are indeed what we eat and what we do!

I started this journey at 239 lbs., and I currently weigh 190. My goal is 150. The first 50 pounds were lost on a supervised weight loss program, but I am here to finish the rest with Spark People, and to break the cycle of obesity and unhealthy living that has plagued my family for five generations . By the way, I feel great! What cycles are you here to break, and what self-defeating behaviors are you here to change?

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