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3/1/11 12:29 P

my problem is that my mom never think anything/ anyone is right for me. she think my fiance will never make money to support me and blah blah blahhhh. I have been with him for nearly 8 years i dont understand why she cant get over it and be happy for me but oh well.

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3/1/11 12:21 P

I don't feel so bad. I've been engaged for 9 months and haven't told my family. We're having a VERY intimate wedding with only witnesses and possibly one other couple attending. Plus my family lives 900 miles away so it's not like they're involved in my day to day life, so they have no idea what's going on.

My mother will have a cow. She's a rather bitter woman and thinks men are pretty much useless. So I figure I may just wait until afterwards and tell her then. I just don't feel like listening to how, at 46, I'm making a huge mistake.

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3/1/11 11:13 A

Congratulations!! I can't believe you haven't broken the news yet; I wouldn't be able to contain myself!! :) I think the 22nd birthday isn't a bad idea cause everyone is there with you and it's just another reason to celebrate!!

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3/1/11 10:49 A

Breaking the news about the engagement we havent told anyone yet. My parents are old school tradition Italians. They freak over everything at first.

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3/1/11 10:40 A

What are you breaking the news about? Your parents having a heart attack makes it sound like they'll think it's bad news.

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3/1/11 9:40 A

How can I break the news to my parents without giving them a heart attack?

I think im gonna break the news to all my friends at mine and my fiances 22nd birthday because they will all be there.

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