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7/19/12 1:49 A

I would start with trying to do something about your sleep / car situation. Can you each nap to make up for lost sleep? Can you start saving for a "beater" car or an economy commuter car? Focusing on getting even 10 minutes daily (there are some good videos on this site) would be better than only exercising a couple of days a week.

7/18/12 1:55 P

Don't focus on the relapse, but remind yourself that it is normal to go through a time of adjustment when things are changing in your life. Start by focusing on your diet- that's the most important aspect of losing weight.

Try exercising by yourselves, but do other ways to stay connected. Write on post-its to leave encouraging notes to each other. Have a "challenge" to see who can walk more miles in a week. Work together towards a goal- once you've each walked 50 miles rewards yourselves with a fancy date or a weekend trip.

Good luck! I know it can be hard to deal with these schedules. Hopefully this will only be temporary.

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7/18/12 12:50 P

Oh, so I forgot to mention (surprising with the massive post...) that I have set a goal and she is interested in meeting it with me. I am hoping to start working and possibly be able to run a Tough Mudder next year. The events I am looking at are all at least 12 months away, so hopefully this will be an achievable goal.

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7/18/12 12:48 P

My girlfriend and I have been working on losing weight and getting healthier for about 2 years now. We have had some success in the past and seem to work well as a team (We motivate each other, and she keeps me on track). But in the last year we have had our worst relapse yet. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been (not wanting to be egocentric, just for her to share where she is...) We recently moved from one side of the state to the other, and actually to town triple the size of the last (13k-35k, big numbers in WY) With the move we are no longer able to go to WW meetings, and even worse we are working different schedules. She works from 8-5, and I am working the 3-11 shift. We only have one car so that means I am up at 7:30 to take her to work, and she has to be up until 11:30 or 12 to pick me up. On our days off we are exhausted and usually just want to hang out after we finish our yard and house work. We are also only able to work out together once or twice a week. We were doing very well in Evanston because we were able to hit the gym together, but here we are constantly tired and not able to work out together much if at all. Any suggestions..?

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